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You are invited to our Open House!

You are invited to our Open House!

Join us for a complementary evening on February 15, 2017 to learn about our college, attend workshops, have a free Coaching or Counselling session, and enjoy some light snacks. All qualifying guests will receive an opportunity to win 1 of 3 $1,000 bursary giveaways. To RSVP visit www.picatic.com/rhodesopenhouse

Coaching and Counselling Sessions start at 5:00 pm. Walk-ins are welcome or you may call 604-708-4416 to book an appointment.

Info session starts on Wednesday, February 15th, 2017 at 6:00 pm in Room 1.


Gaming & Communication – 6:45 pm, Room 3

Explore the concept of playing games. As children, we first learned to communicate and develop relationships outside our family unit. Learn about how this concept can be utilized as adults.

Breath, Energy and Vitality – 6:45 pm, Room 4

An introductory talk about breath work and the experience of energy. Experience a feeling of lightness and greater connection to your emotions.


Past Events

Speed Coaching


Speed Coaching

It’s that time of the year again…our annual Speed Coaching event is coming up on Saturday, October 24th. Rhodes Wellness College was the first to bring Speed Coaching to Vancouver and we are on our 5th year!



  • Meet with 10 of Vancouver’s best life coaches
  • Sample different coaching styles & specialties
  • Experience laser focused 15-minute coaching sessions
  • Enjoy complimentary food & beverages
  • Free & interactive workshop at 2:30pm; ‘Advising; Helpful or Harmful?’
  • Meet & chat with our instructors, graduates & current students
  • Receive up to 2 chances to win one of three $1,000 bursaries
  • It’s FREE!

If possible, please RSVP your attendance by emailing us at admin@rhodescollege.ca, calling us at (604) 708-4416, or by clicking ‘attend’ on our event page: www.picatic.com/rhodesspeedcoaching

Info Session & Open House

Join us for our Info Session and Open House on Wednesday, August 26th.


  • Come and meet our admissions staff, instructors, current and past students, or take part in one of our interactive workshops.
  • Learn about our various programs in Counselling and Life Coaching, and get a better understanding of Rhodes experiential learning model.
  • Leave with a better understanding of our programs, the knowledge of your future career possibilities in Counselling & Coaching, and having made connections with like-minded individuals.

**All attendees will be entered in a draw for one of three $1,000 Bursaries!**

If possible, please RSVP your attendance by emailing us at admin@rhodescollege.ca, calling us at (604) 708-4416, or by clicking ‘attend’ on our event page: http://on.fb.me/1KVaKXd.


Raise a Reader Day

Rhodes College Staff and Students took to the streets for Raise a Reader Day on September 20th, 2012. The Raise a Reader Campaign raises money to support children’s literacy. Our staff and students had to be at their street corner by 7:00 a.m. to exchange Vancouver Sun newspapers for a donation.


Since the program inception in 1997, Raise a Reader has donated more than $5.74 million dollars to non-profit literacy programs throughout the province. Staff and students reported a wonderful sense of generosity and as always, felt rewarded in so many ways





Sandwich Day


One of the important parts of Spiritual Wellness is to experience the “Acts of Service” lesson. This semester, the Spiritual Wellness class chose to “feed the hungry”. The school provided ingredients for sandwiches and the class made a variety of sandwiches and then took to the streets to deliver them. Students were to write about their experiences and insights, as well as their epiphanies. It proved to be a deeply moving experience and many students had some powerful awareness’s, including connectedness and gratitude.

“Handing out sandwiches to those in need is a truly humbling experience. The only thing different between my life and theirs is random chance. I was filled with gratitude for everything. I have a new determination to do everything I can to make the world a better place.”

Melanie Schroeder

Anti-Bullying Day

Part of a happy, healthy balanced life includes gratitude for what we have, and involves finding ways to help others. At Rhodes College we regularly organize or participate in community events designed to improve our communities and our world. We attempt to “Pay it Forward” through many acts of service.


Here are some photos from our most recent event. Many students from our Spiritual Wellness Class and some of our staff participated in Anti-bullying day.

In 2006 two rural Nova Scotia boys organized a high school protest by handing out pink t-shirts to all the boys to protest a fellow student who was being bullied. This wonderful act has prompted a national anti-bullying campaign.

Rhodes Wellness College students and staff wore their pink t-shirts and spent a cold winter morning on February 29th handing out flyers to promote anti-bullying.