Fitness Professionals Scholarship

Rhodes Wellness College is pleased to announce the creation of a special scholarship fund for Fitness Professionals. As practitioners on the frontline of personal health, Fitness Professionals are expanding upon their traditional business models by incorporating coaching, wellness, and lifestyle management into their practices. As a national leader in coaching, counselling, and wellness education, Rhodes Wellness College supports the expansion, development, and standardization of wellness and lifestyle management in the personal health industry.

To Apply

To qualify for the Fitness Professionals Scholarship, applicants must be BCRPA, Can-Fit-Pro or ACE certified. As each application is considered individually, and other forms for fitness certification may be accepted, all interested students are encouraged to apply. See Financing & Scholarships for selection criteria and more information. Scholarship value is $500.  Submit a cover letter, resume, and copies of relevant certification documents. For additional details and instructions, contact or call 604-708-4416 (or 1-877-708-4416 outside of the lower mainland).

About Wellness Education at Rhodes Wellness College

Our wellness programs have two primary objectives. The first is to provide a healing environment for individuals to obtain optimum levels of health and wellness. The second is to provide specific, occupational training in wellness. After undertaking intensive training in emotional wellness, mental wellness, spiritual wellness, physical wellness, coaching, and counseling, our graduates have a highly marketable skill set, which allows them to:

  • Assess physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.
  • Create customized wellness plans and provide practitioner services to improve personal and organizational health.
  • Provide ongoing assistance and support for clients as they implement their wellness plans.
  • Counsel clients in areas such as substance misuse, trauma, employment and family dynamics.
  • Prepare lesson plans and facilitate workshops for organizations in areas such as stress management, spirituality, goal identification, proactive problem solving, personal health, and more.
  • Coach clients to optimal health and success.

Additionally, the comprehensive Professional Counsellor Diploma includes intensive training in specific areas of professional practice, including Human Development, Program Planning, Coaching for Excellence, Facilitator Training, Ethics, and Professional Practice.