Administration at Rhodes Wellness College Welcome You!

Our Administration team comes from a diverse background and collectively has broad and extensive experience in the field of education. We do what we do because we love helping individuals step through challenges and achieve their education goals. We deeply believe in Rhodes Wellness College’s values and are honoured to help, encourage, guide, lead, plan, and problem-solve so that our students can become the helping professionals they want to be and make a difference in their own lives, the lives of those they love, and our communities.

Board of Directors  
Student Services

Board of Directors


Ben Colling, MA Leadership

Ben has been a professional administrator in post-secondary education for over 20 years, helping organizations in the areas of program development, community involvement, student services, and business development. He established B.C.’s largest Master of Arts of Education program, has been successful in enriching each of his schools with international growth, and has a huge passion for human development. He established the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade’s Leaders of Tomorrow program and has a Master of Arts in Leadership from Royal Roads University.

Ben is an eternal optimist that believes there is greatness in all of us!

Paul Leong

Paul is a retired architect who practiced architecture under his own firm for over 30 years.  He has a diverse experience in various residential, commercial, and interior design projects.  His architectural firm’s services ranged from architectural design, facilities planning, budgeting, contract negotiations, construction management, interior design, and navigating the complex city approval processes.

Paul believes any planning and decision process involves a collaborative effort and he embraces this philosophy to achieve successful project results.

Iris Zhang

Communications Designer

Mayura Yamanouchi-Colling, BDes

Mayura graduated with a Bachelor of Design degree from Emily Carr University. She is currently in Emily Carr’s Masters of Interdisciplinary Design program. She has worked in education for over ten years. Mayura is a designer who believes that good design can change the lives of people for the better. She enjoys walking with her canine collaborators, paying attention to the liveliness of the local animals, trees and plants, and the old knowledge of the land. Originally from Tokyo, Mayura has specialized in design work for over eight years and is passionate about improving connections between diverse populations, as well as humans to nonhuman animals.


Brian Parker, BM

Brian has over 20 years of experience in private post-secondary education, and the automotive industry. He is known for consistently delivering results, and achieving goals. He’s an ethical and loyal leader with a reputation for elevating the performance of academic institutions. He enjoys taking on challenges and brings a calm, honest approach to managing his teams. He truly cares about the success of students and employees. Previously he was the President of The Art Institute of Vancouver and Fortis College in Ohio.


Dr. Dean Davey, PhD

Dean lives by two convictions: 1) everyone needs to be loved; and 2) suffering is an opportunity for transformation. These convictions grew as Dean served as a Pastor, giving him the privilege of walking alongside others through life’s varied stages. During this time, he held numerous leadership and board positions in organizations focused on personal and humanitarian development. Following two decades of pastoral and non-profit work, he went into the marketplace where he led a successful business for 12 years while he completed his PhD. Dean has worked in academics since 2015, and completed the Life Coach training through Rhodes in 2021. His PhD research focused on suffering and failure as an educational transformative process and seeks to help others discover this in their own journey through Chrysalis Advantage Coaching and Consulting. To learn more about Dean, please visit deandavey.com


Director of Education

Chelsea Lee, MM, BA, C-IAYT

Chelsea is the Director of Education at Rhodes Wellness College & the Vancouver School of Healing Arts. She holds a Master of Management and Bachelor’s Degree from the University of British Columbia and a Diploma of Yoga Therapy from Pacific Rim College.  As an educator and Certified Yoga Therapist (International Association of Yoga Therapy), she strives to empower students and clients with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their goals. She believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to live a life that is filled with purpose, connection and growth and understands this takes dedication, strength and the support of a compassionate and caring community. She is grateful to be a part of such a community at Rhodes Wellness College and the Vancouver School of Healing Arts.

Senior Educational Advisor

Bea Rhodes, MPCC-S, MEd

Bea Rhodes is a Registered Professional Counsellor, and Counselling Supervisor. She founded Rhodes Wellness College in 1996. She holds a Master of Education (Adult Education) from the University of British Columbia and a Bachelors Degree from Simon Fraser University. For many years, Bea was a college instructor and contract trainer for the University College of the Fraser Valley. She worked in the Federal and Provincial Prison system, providing counselling and conducting Life Skills programs for convicted offenders. Additionally, she has designed and instructed many counselling, wellness, and personal development programs over the past thirty years. Bea believes that we are all interconnected and that “hurt people hurt people.” Bea teaches the Basic Counselling and Sexual Abuse & Trauma sections in the Life Skills Counselling semester, as well as Advanced Trauma in second year.

Manager of Supervision

Kerry Vega, MPCC-S, RCS, MA (Clinical Counselling), BA 

Kerry is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, a Master Practitioner in Clinical Counselling and Qualified Clinical Supervisor, with a Master’s degree in Clinical Counselling.

Kerry teaches Supervised Clinical Practice, Ethics, Business & Marketing, and Mental Wellness, as well as providing Counselling Supervision for second year students (and beyond) with Rhodes. Additionally, Kerry teaches business, leadership and communication courses for multiple agencies and corporations, as well as in her private practice where she provides both counselling, coaching, and business development courses for wellness practitioners growing their own practices.

Manager of Curriculum Development

Tova Payne, RHN, B.Sc. (Psychology), LCD

Tova is a graduate of McGill’s Psychology program, a Certified Life Coach, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and Certified Yoga Teacher, with over 17 years’ of experience in the health and wellness industry as an instructor, facilitator, curriculum designer, and coach. Tova has been involved in developing curriculum since 2009 with the launch of a yoga teacher training she took from inception to completion. Her passion for designing curriculum continued as she created several programs and supported other colleges with course content and innovation in a multitude of arenas spanning from business to nutrition, and mind-body-spirit wellness. In 2019 she was the lead developer for the Professional Integrative Nutrition Program collaborating with subject experts to launch an integrative program at Rhodes.

Program Coordinator, Northern Indigenous Counselling

Cody Erasmus, RTC-c, PCD, DBA

Cody is a father of two, Counsellor, Coach, Facilitator, and Program Coordinator. He coordinated the Northern Indigenous Counsellor Training initiative in Yellowknife and has been the TA and emotional support person for the students for the duration of the program. He has brought the Rhodes Professional Counsellor program to the North during the pandemic.  He helps his students and clients embrace themselves in all of their entirety and to ultimately become empowered, find direction and live their purpose. He believes this leads to spiritual fulfillment.

His goal is to help indigenous people in Canada heal themselves, starting with the Northern Cohort. He is excited for this cohort to go into their communities and help heal many, which he believes will have a butterfly effect. 

Coaching Supervisor

Jill Cherewyk, RPC, ACC, PCD

Jill received her Professional Counselling Diploma from Rhodes Wellness College in 2016 and immediately jumped into the industry, working with Coast Mental Health as a community mental health worker, and for Rhodes as an accomplished online facilitator and coach.

Education Service Advisor

Susie Culp, RTC, RPC-c

Susie is the Education Services Advisor at Rhodes Wellness College and the Vancouver School of Healing Arts. She graduated from the Rhodes Professional Counsellor program in 2021 and is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor with the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada and a Registered Professional Counsellor Candidate with the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association. She has navigated through life with her top three values guiding her along the way: communication, integrity, and fairness. Susie is passionate about learning and loves supporting others on their journeys toward discovery and growth. She believes everyone deserves the opportunity to feel understood and to become the best version of themselves. Outside of counselling, Susie enjoys animals (a lot) and volunteering for various non-profit organizations. You can learn more about Susie and her services at susieculp.ca

Student Services

Director of Student & Career Services

Janice Prinsloo, RPC

Janice is a wife, mother, counsellor, coach, and mentor. She is a dedicated student of personal growth, leadership, and taking ownership and responsibility in contributing to positive change in the world. The values that she strives to live by are integrity, impact, wealth, joy, and mastery. Having graduated from the Professional Counsellor Diploma program with Rhodes Wellness College in 2014, she has been a member of the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association for 8 years. As the Director of Student & Career Services at Rhodes Wellness College, she supports the student’s experience with understanding, empathy, curiosity, and facilitation. Outside of Rhodes Wellness College, you can find Janice helping individuals and families achieve their dreams through consistent action, leadership, and business development.

Student & Career Services Advisor

Fiona Caldwell, PCD

Fiona lives by her top 3 values: authenticity, compassion, and connection. Mixing this up with a cupful of intuition, spirituality, a holistic approach, and a good measure of fun, is her best recipe for daily life. All are welcome and accepted with unconditional positive regard with Fiona. Fiona is a Graduate of the Professional Counsellor Diploma program with Rhodes Wellness College. Thanks to Rhodes, she was able to discover these fundamental values and foster them within herself. These values are highlighted in Fiona’s passion in creating a safe space for all people to be seen and heard with honest communication. Fiona is attentive in all aspects of a person’s journey but particularly where disenfranchised grief and loss exist. With many years of experience in the Spa and Wellness field and on-board cruise ships, Fiona has traveled and worked around the world. Originally from England, Fiona has lived in Europe, New Zealand, Australia and now Vancouver. 

Coordinator, Rhodes Counselling Centre

Sarah Jarosz, RPC-C

Sarah is a compassionate professional who has dedicated her career to helping others and fostering personal growth. With a remarkable 18-year tenure in corporate account management, Sarah cultivated invaluable skills in building meaningful relationships. However, her unwavering passion for supporting individuals on a deeper level led her to embark on an inspiring journey of self-discovery and professional evolution. Sarah transitioned into a role as a coordinator at Rhodes Wellness College Counselling Centre, where she facilitates transformative experiences for students, oversees administrative tasks, coordinates client appointments, and ensures the overall functioning of the centre to deliver the proper support to student counsellors and clients. Sarah also has her practice as a clinical counsellor, where she helps others rediscover inner strength, overcome obstacles, and improve relationships with themselves.

Education & Student Services

Mackenzie Parker

Mackenzie serves as the Education & Student Services Coordinator at Rhodes Wellness College & the Vancouver School of Healing Arts, and as a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor in private practice. She proudly earned her Professional Counselling Diploma in 2023, bringing experiential know-how, resourcefulness, empathy, and care to her work supporting prospective, current, and student alumni.  Mackenzie values heart-led leadership, self-responsibility, humility, respect, and unconditional positive regard for all walks of life. Beyond her role at Rhodes, she immerses herself in reading about the heart, spirit, or the fascinating world of fungi. You can learn more about Mackenzie and her services at www.maptherapycanada.ca.


Admissions Manager, Logistics

Tricia Vivienne-Blanc, ADJ, CLC

Tricia has almost two decades of experience in creative management and client relations. She loves connecting and supporting others towards personal development. As an empath, she believes deeply in the power of collaboration and the rewards that exploration can produce.

Admissions Manager, New Student Development

David Fisher, BSc, PLCC, PFA

David has over ten years’ experience working in the education industry. His desire to help others achieve their goals has inspired him to become a certified life coach, goal setting coach, and life story coach. He is also an award-winning public speaker and communication coach.

He is excited to be at Rhodes, believing that as we connect better with ourselves, we can help better connect with others, making a measurable difference in the world.

Admissions Specialist

Jameson Dean, PCD

Jameson has been in the wellness, sales, and service industry for the past 10 years, providing a wide range of products and services including spiritual coaching, counselling, intuitive readings, technology, and fashion product offerings. 

Jameson is someone who meets people where they are through a loving heart-centered approach with caring passion and consideration for everyone’s previous journeys and preferred futures. Jameson has previously graduated with his Professional Counselling Diploma from Rhodes and continues to learn more about business, life coaching, energy work, counselling and end-of-life studies while conducting online wellness counselling and spiritual coaching sessions. 

Admissions Advisor

Madison Johnson, BA

Madison has over 5 years of experience coaching and working with students in and outside the post-secondary realm. Through an empathetic lead approach, Madison helps students meet both their personal and professional goals.
Madison’s passion for personal development is what led her to Rhodes, and she is excited to come together with like-minded individuals to help foster wellness and education in others.

Admissions Specialist

Domenica Milillo, BBA

Domenica has worked in education for the past 18 years. Her passion is to work with students in all aspects of their admissions process, from providing program information and funding resources to coming up with solutions or removing barriers.  She puts students at ease and helps them gain confidence with their career choices with her positive nature. Domenica has specialized in the past in helping students enroll in nursing, ECE, RMT, and many other helping professions and she also has created additional funding pathways by working with organizations such as Work BC, HRSDC, etc.  She has also helped in fundraising for charitable organisations. Domenica says she is blessed to be at her dream job and feels she does not work a day in her life and feels privileged to join this dynamic team at Rhodes Wellness College. 

Admissions Advisor

Rachel Belair

Rachel is a champion for all things health and wellness, bringing over 8 years of experience in consulting and coaching in this field. In addition, she is a certified yoga teacher and believes breath and movement can be a used as a powerful healing modality. She has a passion for guiding individuals on their personal journey to reach their highest potential. She believes everyone has their own unique story, purpose and gifts to bring into the world.  Now more then ever, she wants to support others in finding this voice and path.



Betty Chen, BA

Betty has over 10 years working with both domestic and international students. She completed her Bachelor’s degree at Simon Fraser University. She brings experience from various parts of Asia in international trade and education.

Campus Administrator

Astrid Mercado, LLB, HMD

With a Bachelor’s in Law from Mexico, and a couple of years of experience in the Canadian Immigration field, Astrid loves providing all the support she can to the Rhodes team in the administration process. With a bubbly and positive personality, she will always welcome you with a bright smile.

Manager of Finance

Pardis Pirhadi, BBA, DSc, CLC

Pardis has recently come to us from Dubai. There, she worked most recently as a Country Manager for EF Education First, an international education company that specializes in educational travel, academic degree programs, and cultural exchange. Pardis’ passion includes marketing and helping find unique solutions for students to be able to afford their education. She prides herself on customer care and students can count on her easy-going nature and warm smile.

Finance and Administrative Assistant

Tushar Shetty, BSc, DBA

Tushar holds a Bachelor’s in Accounting and Finance from University of Mumbai and Post Degree Diploma in Business Administration from Camosun College. Tushar enjoys being part of the Rhodes team and provides all his support to Finance and Administration. Being compassionate and shedding light in people’s lives is something Tushar takes pride in.

When he’s not at Rhodes, Tushar usually go-biking around the city and play tennis.

Communications & Marketing Team

Director of Communications & Marketing

David Chua, BSc, DGD

David has over 10 years of experience in marketing, communications and advertising with a distinctive ability to deliver highly effective and measurable strategies that drive growth, new students, brand awareness, and reputation. He excels between strategy, marketing and collaboration. Prior to joining Rhodes Wellness College, David worked at ILAC, Canadian Tourism College, Sterling College and a number of prominent marketing agencies within Germany and Canada. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Portsmouth, UK and studied Graphic Design and Marketing Communications at BCIT. Having lived in 6 countries David enjoys working with people from a wide variety of cultures, backgrounds, personalities and languages.

Communications Designer

Mayura Yamanouchi-Colling, BDes

Mayura graduated with a Bachelor of Design degree from Emily Carr University. She is currently in Emily Carr’s Masters of Interdisciplinary Design program. She has worked in education for over ten years.

Mayura is a designer who believes that good design can change the lives of people for the better. She enjoys walking with her canine collaborators, paying attention to the liveliness of the local animals, trees and plants, and the old knowledge of the land. Originally from Tokyo, Mayura has specialized in design work for over eight years and is passionate about improving connections between diverse populations, as well as humans to nonhuman animals.

Marketing Specialist

Daniel Pérez, BA

Daniel graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Animation and Digital Arts. Daniel has a multitude of talents due to his vast experience working in many different areas, such as web development, video production, animation, and marketing. Daniel believes that everything and everyone has a good story, and he loves finding and telling those stories. Daniel is really dependable, adaptable and loves to learn about any subject. He is so very grateful and excited to start with Rhodes Wellness College and Vancouver School of Healing Arts.

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