Faculty & Staff at Rhodes Wellness College Welcome You!

Welcome to Rhodes Wellness College!

Our Faculty

At Rhodes Wellness College, we are proud of our instructors and staff!

They are carefully chosen for their ability to work well with adult students. They are fully qualified to teach in their area of expertise, and know how to blend theory with practice.

Life skills theory holds that the client or student is the ‘expert’ on how to solve their own life problems. Our instructors respect each individual’s learning style. At Rhodes Wellness College, training is conducted in an experiential learning environment and includes a variety of instructional methods, such as lectures, reading, writing assignments, role plays, instructor demonstrations, and in some instances, field trips.

Our professional instructors keep pace with adult learning principles and industry standards, and our employment counsellors will assist you to target your job search.

Greg Gurel, MPCC, ACC

Wellness Instructor


Greg is a passionate, caring, and skilled facilitator who strongly believes that a learning environment should be safe, supportive, and fun. In his teens, Greg became involved with the Red Cross Provincial Leadership Committee, where he received many accolades for his work in instructor and trainer of trainers. In his mid-twenties, after achieving his Diploma in Computer Systems and Design from BCIT, Greg entered the corporate world, where he led teams of designers and implemented large business systems throughout North America. Greg then attended The Haven Institute for Personal and Professional Development, where he ended up leading groups and teaching for much of the past 25 years.

Greg has his own private counselling practice and has his Registered Professional Counsellor (RPC) designation. Today, Greg is committed to empowering people to define themselves by making informed choices, whether in the classroom or out in the world.

Katarina Osterlind, BA, RPC

Life Skills Coaching and Wellness Instructor

Katarina is a Registered Professional Counsellor and Certified Life Coach. She is currently teaching the Life Skills Coaching class and has also taught in the Counselling department at Rhodes Wellness College. As an Instructor, Katarina welcomes her students with warmth, curiosity and acceptance. She believes in the power of digging deep into the psyche to discover the shadows that life experiences may have cast and how that has shaped the individual. As light is shed on the shadows, the individual will move closer to their own authentic self and create the life that they want.

After graduating from SFU with a degree in Psychology, Katarina spent years working in the corporate world in telecommunications, insurance and the mental health industry. Outside of teaching, Katarina also has a private counselling practice with special attention to the journey of grief.

Bea Rhodes, BA, MEd, MPCC

Senior Instructor 


Bea Rhodes is a Registered Professional Counsellor, and Counselling Supervisor. She founded Rhodes Wellness College in 1996. She holds a Master of Education (Adult Education) from the University of British Columbia and a Bachelors Degree from Simon Fraser University. For many years, Bea was a college instructor and contract trainer for the University College of the Fraser Valley. She worked in the Federal and Provincial Prison system, providing counselling and conducting Life Skills programs for convicted offenders. Additionally, she has designed and instructed many counselling, wellness, and personal development programs over the past thirty years. Bea believes that we are all interconnected and that “hurt people hurt people.”

Jill Cherewyk, PCD

Instructor, Practicum Coordinator 

Jill received her Professional Counselling Diploma from Rhodes Wellness Collegein 2016 and immediately jumped into industry, working with Coast Mental Health as a community mental health worker, and for Rhodes as an accomplished online facilitator and coach. Jill has recently become our full-time Life Skills Coach Instructor and oversees all practicums for students at Rhodes Wellness College.

Lindsay Robertson, RPC, ACC

Program Manager & Instructor


Lindsay is a counsellor, coach, teacher and musician. She’s a graduate of the Wellness Counsellor Program at Rhodes. She teaches the Online Life Coach Certificate Program, and works on campus as the Program Manager. She oversees and maintains the quality of all the programs at Rhodes.

Lindsay maintains a private coaching and counselling practice in Vancouver, working with individual clients, and leading workshops. Her areas of specialty include personality typologies, and integrating creativity into one’s life. She’s a practicing singer/songwriter, and performs regularly around Vancouver. She believes that our relationship to creativity mirrors how we approach much else in our lives. Creativity is more than a hobby or an outlet for our ambition, it can be an avenue that brings healing and fulfillment.

Catherine Hajnal, PhD, MSc, BComm



Catherine was a tenured business school university professor – outwardly successful, inwardly unhappy. She lived with chronic back pain that eventually became so loud it forced her to stop and take stock. She quit without knowing what would come next. What she has since discovered is that she is meant to be a teacher. Ironically she already was one; she just needed to be a different kind of teacher with a different set of topics. And she needed to discover some things about herself first.

As a Grief Educator and Transition Coach, Catherine’s curriculum is now life. Her focus is on helping clients find their own answers by tapping into their inner wisdom and life experiences. She has a knack for creating safe and nurturing learning environments in which students feel empowered to show up in their own lives. And they have fun!

Website: www.catherinehajnal.com

Areas of Instruction:
Life Skills Counselling (Employment)
Grief and Loss Counsellling

Alexandra Goldwell, MA, RCC


Alexandra is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with 23 years of experience as a therapist, facilitator, College Instructor and Yoga teacher. She uses mindfulness, mind-body approaches and Western Psychological approaches to assist every individual to be more, ask for more, and receive more in this journey through their one blessed, sacred life.

Areas of Instruction:
Human Development
Basic Counselling

Our Staff

Ben Colling, MA Leadership


Ben has been a professional administrator in post-secondary education for close to twenty years, helping organizations in the areas of program development, community involvement, student services, and business development. He established B.C.’s largest Master of Arts of Education program, has been successful in enriching each of his schools with international growth, and has a huge passion for human development. He established the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade’s Leaders of Tomorrow program and has a Master of Arts in Leadership from Royal Roads University.

Ben is an eternal optimist that believes there is greatness in all of us!

Dianne Geeraert, BA, BEd, TESOL

Admissions Manager

Dianne has spent many years in education in Canada and further afield, as a high school English teacher and ESL Instructor. She also has extensive experience in print and publishing having run her own company in the Caribbean. As a mother of three, she prides herself on wearing many hats and is very committed to her belief that “I am not a teacher, but an awakener.” Dianne has been an Admissions Representative for several Colleges. Being part of the Rhodes family is just another step for her in the direction her heart has always taken her…. helping people make the best of life by empowering them with what they already have within.

Janice Dalupang, RPC

Director of Operations and Student Services


Janice is the leader of our office team. As a Registered Professional Counsellor, certified Life Coach and Postpartum Doula she brings empathy, knowledge, and grace to every student interaction. She has a passion for helping people make conscious decisions for a healthy and fulfilling life. Outside of Rhodes you can find Janice conducting one-on-one and group sessions , facilitating workshops and coordinating special events. She strives to create a safe place of non-judgement, empathy, communication and positivity.

Lina Abdelbasit, MEd, BA

Admissions Advisor

Lina has significant experience helping those that want to improve their lives. She worked as an Employment Counsellor at Open Door Group (working with Work BC) and as a Youth and Employment Counsellor for DIVERSEcity.  ferent parts of the world. Her passion for learning has meant she has studied everything from math to mental health. She loves to help people and it shows in her previous volunteer work as a Humanitarian Relief Worked with the UN to what she does today in helping our potential students. 

Sandy Verma, MBA, BBM

Senior Admissions Advisor

Sandy loves helping people see their potential and find what fills their soul. She has a Masters degree in business and has worked in the human development and personal growth field for the past 15 years.

Her love of coaching and personal growth led her to Rhodes College where she helps potential students find out if Rhodes is a good fit for them or not. Sandy is a proud mother of 2 little girls. She describes herself as a community builder and connector.

Pardis Pirhadi, BBA

Campus Administrator: Registrar and Student Finances

Pardis has recently come to us from Dubai. There, she worked most recently as a Country Manager for EF Education First, an international education company that specializes in educational travel, academic degree programs, and cultural exchange. Pardis’ passion includes marketing and helping find unique solutions for students to be able to afford their education. She prides herself on customer care and students can count on her easy-going nature and warm smile.