All diploma programs at Rhodes Wellness College contain a practicum component. Practicums provide an opportunity for students to apply their skills in a professional environment, get “real world” feedback, network, find employment and engage in applied career exploration.


Given the experiential and applied nature of Rhodes Wellness College curriculum, many Practicum Hosts are able to integrate practicum students into their organizations and see immediate positive results. Many students have ultimately been hired by their Practicum Hosts, or alternatively, have had doors opened and contacts made through positive and mutually beneficial practicum placements.

The Career Services department provides resources and assists student in their search for appropriate practicum hosts, although finding and securing a practicum placement is the responsibility of the student.

If you are a Practicum Host that is actively seeking practicum students, please contact our Career Development Coordinator at

Recent graduates have completed their practicum (Professional Counsellor Diploma) at the following locations:

  • Coast Mental Health
  • VLM Multicultural Family Support Services Society
  • Whole Way House
  • Worksafe BC
  • Dr. D Weissmon
  • Youth Summer Camp (CLW)
  • Boys and Girls Club – Skills Link
  • Newton Advocacy Group Society

Recent graduates have completed their practicum (Wellness Counsellor Diploma) at the following locations:

  • Spectrum Society
  • Eslha Ian Learning
  • Luke 15 House
  • South Vancouver youth centre
  • Coast Mental Health
  • Random Acts of Fitness
  • Harbour Light Salivation Army
  • Native Courtworkers and Counselling
  • Lilith Recovery Society
  • Cross Roads Treatment Centre
  • Parkgate Youth Service
  • UFCW Skills
  • Downtown Eastside Womans’s Centre
  • The Summit

The following agencies are Practicum Host Sites for our Addiction Counsellor Diploma Program:

  • Turning Point Recovery
  • Rounded Recovery
  • Luke 15 House
  • Harbour Light
  • Orchard Recover and Addiction Treatment
  • LDR Holistic Treatment Services
  • Step by Step Recovery
  • Edgewood Treatment
  • Kinghaven Treatment Centre
  • Freedom House Recover Society

Recent graduates have completed their practicum (Life Coach Diploma) at the following locations:

  • Aboriginal Front Door Society
  • Daycares
  • Saje Natural Wellness
  • Pacific Community Resource Society
  • The Aboriginal Society
  • YMCA
  • Luke 15 House
  • Belkin House

Practicum Host Guidelines

To provide an opportunity for students to apply their Coaching, Counselling, Wellness or other career related skill in a professional environment.

Practicum Host to provide student with a job description. The job and its description should be related to the student’s career goals.

Minimum 20 hours per week
Maximum 40 hours per week
Duration as stipulated in student program.

Practicum Host to provide Rhodes College with a written evaluation of student, pertaining to the following areas (download the form below):

  1. Punctuality (including breaks)
  2. Personal appearance/hygiene
  3. Understands company’s expectations/goals
  4. Ability to get along with co-workers
  5. Ability to work with the public
  6. Ability to work unsupervised
  7. Willingness to accept constructive criticism
  8. Uses own initiative
  9. Demonstrates a positive attitude toward work
  10. Uses time efficiently
  11. Reliability
  12. Integrity and honesty
  13. Overall professionalism


File Title: Practicum Host Evaluation Form
File Size: 92.67 Kb

If you have any questions or comments, please contact or call 708-4416.