Letter from the President
Ben Colling with Rhodes Alumni Jean and Roy Erasmus

Ben has been a professional administrator in post-secondary education for over 27 years, helping organizations in the areas of program development, community involvement, student services, and business development. He established B.C.’s largest Master of Arts of Education program, has been successful in enriching each of his schools with international growth, and has a huge passion for human development. Ben has a Master of Arts in Leadership from Royal Roads University and loves volunteering with seniors in our community.

When we enter this world, we have no idea how long we will be here or kind of life we will live. As we take our journey, we quickly understand the way from start to finish is not as simple or kind as we would like it to be. We encounter tragedy and conflict- sometimes caused by ourselves and often caused by others. And we are ill-equipped to deal with much it. Often, we trudge along our path thinking there may not be solutions to our problems. We think such is our lot in life.

Regardless of difficulty, we can get help from others to make our path smoother—making it easier for us to march forward with joy and sometimes outright rescuing us from awful pits we find ourselves in. Friends and loved ones will hopefully be there for us, but expert mentors and guides can really help us find peace and happiness as we learn to better walk through life with more stability and purpose.

Rhodes Wellness College was created over 27 years ago by a visionary, Bea Rhodes. Bea was determined to help create mentors and guides who would have the book smarts and street skills to do transformational work. Bea knew that problems great and small can be overcome if you understand the problem, are equipped with the resources required to tackle the issue and are supported by professionals with heart. Bea created an iterative approach to professional counselling and coaching that allows our students to rapidly and expertly increase their abilities in a safe and supportive environment.

Our life coaching and counselling programs are not easy. Your first learning starts with you. You can’t help others if you have never helped yourself.  We help you uncover and overcome your own inhibitions and difficulties so that you can find well-grounded peace and purpose as you strive to help others. We closely guide you through this process.

You also become exposed to the diverse issues your classmates have faced. In a supportive and safe environment, you gain empathy and knowledge.  Your experience will be deeply collaborative, and you will form a strong bond with your classmates. You will be exposed to a combination of proven theory and ground-breaking research as you learn more about addictions, depression, anxiety, trauma, sexual abuse, self-esteem and many other issues your future clients face.  

After working on yourself and with your classmates, you learn how to help those you don’t personally know. Through your practicum, clinic weeks, and more advanced courses you will be mentored and taught how to expertly discover, evaluate, and professionally help others regardless of the issues they are dealing with. You will be guided by expert facilitators with years of success as you practice what it takes to be start your career as a professional counsellor or coach.  

And then you will be ready – to help thousands who desperately need your help. You will be credentialed and positioned to do well in your career. You will find that your newly developed skills are needed by organizations and individuals. Most importantly you will feel joy in helping others become everything they can be. We will watch and cheer- and help when needed- as you do greater good than you thought possible and become—a true Rhodie!

Ben Colling, MA Leadership
Rhodes Wellness College

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