Rhodes Counselling Centre

The Rhodes Counselling Centre is now offering online pro-bono one-on-one sessions. Designed to be a service that helps individuals around the world with a host of issues including anxiety, trauma, depression, goal-setting, relationships, and more, the Centre is run by students in their final semesters of their Professional Counselling Diploma.

Experiential learning and hundreds of hours of one-on-one counselling sessions and community outreach have provided the students with a deeper understanding of how to best help you through your journey. Student counsellors are trained to utilize a client-centred approach to help clients work with and overcome issues and obstacles in their lives.

We believe that fit is important and we will work with you to find a counsellor that you feel comfortable with. All of the modalities and approaches taught to Rhodes Wellness College Students are backed by scientific evidence.

For more information on our Rhodes Counselling Centre, please email us at counsellingcentre@rhodescollege.ca.

Please visit our social media channels to learn more about our student counsellors. We have a diverse group of counsellors experienced in working with a wide range of people using a client-centred approach.

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