Professional Integrative Nutrition Diploma Program
Total Program Length:78 Weeks
Number of Semesters:6 Semesters
tuition:$4,150.00 per semester

Our comprehensive program in integrative nutritional studies, life coaching, and counselling provides you with the practical experience and skills for a rewarding career as a Nutrition Professional with added coaching and counselling skills.

RHODES WELLNESS COLLEGE is excited to introduce the first college-based diploma program in B.C. that helps students learn both professional nutritionist skills and professional counselling skills in a comprehensive and integrated way.

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This integrative program allows graduates to work in a wide array of industries: from the food, wellness, and health industries to private practice in the nutrition and coaching industry. Graduates will be able to work as Nutrition Educators, Nutrition Consultants, Wellness Managers, Wellness Counsellors, and Life Coaches. They will be able to work in various customer consulting positions at Nutrition stores, in outreach centres and recovery centres, as holistic nutritionists, and will also have the option to work in private and semi-private practice, either on their own or with a group of other wellness-related counsellors.


Total Program Length 78 weeks (1,740 hrs)
Number of Semesters 6
Tuition per Semester $4,150.00
Application Fee (Domestic) $100
Application Fee (International) $200
Textbooks & Course Notes $1,395
Student Activities $150
Archive Fee $75


Graduates that complete nutrition-only programs report difficulty when trying to help clients overcome issues that branch into non-nutrition areas. Depression, addiction, past physical trauma, and other challenges that are commonplace in today’s world make it difficult to motivate others to make nutritional changes that will benefit their health. Similarly, nutrition has a profound effect on individual’s sense of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Counsellors that ignore this area are not utilizing every potential tool to help their clients.

Graduates from Rhodes Wellness College’s Professional Integrative Nutrition Program will have the advantage of being in a position to apply for jobs from two sectors – both the front lines of mental health, emotional health, and addition recovery as well as in all areas of nutritional wellness, thereby increasing their career prospects upon graduation.

 Graduates will also be able to register with both the International Coach Federation and the Health Coach Alliance (pending) to receive potentially both their Associate Certified Coach certification designation and their Registered Health and Nutrition Counsellor designation*.

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*The designation of Registered Health and Nutrition Counsellor (RHNC) is a designation granted by the Health Coach Alliance (HCA). Rhodes Wellness College students can become RHNC’s.

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