Financing & Scholarships

At Rhodes, we recognize the importance of financial assistance to support recruitment and retention efforts, recognize previous achievements, and increase diversity by providing access to education.


Scholarships are offered periodically throughout the year. Please contact admissions@rhodescollege.ca to find out if there are any upcoming scholarships.

Bursaries/Work Study

Bursaries are based on demonstrated financial need.  Bursary recipients must be in good standing for the duration of their studies (see Good Standing Policy).  If, at any time, the bursary recipient is not in Good Standing, the bursary will be revoked for the remainder of the tuition payments.  Bursaries will be applied equally to all payments.  Scholarship and Bursary recipients agree to their image being used for marketing purposes for Rhodes Wellness College. Bursary applications must be received 8 weeks before the start of the semester and decisions will be made by committee the following week.  The committee will be comprised of three staff members at Rhodes. 

Please contact Admissions for more information by calling 604-708-4416  or by emailing admissions@rhodescollege.ca.

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