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Are you interested in becoming a student at Rhodes Wellness College? Follow the steps below to get started! Here you’ll find all the admission requirements as well as all the important links for starting your application. Please note that there are 3 steps to the application process. Please complete Step 1, before proceeding to the next steps. After you complete Steps 1, 2 and 3, an admissions representative will schedule an interview for you.

If you have any questions during this application process please contact your admissions representative, email admissions@rhodescollege.ca or call 604-708-4416.

If you are a current student looking to upgrade your credentials to another Rhodes Wellness College program, please click here.

Rhodes Wellness College (the “College”) is committed to enrolling students who meet program admission criteria and who are likely to succeed in achieving their education and career goals.  For admission to the College, an applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Reach the age of majority (19 years old in British Columbia) or provide to the College the written consent from the applicant’s parental/guardian consent.
  • Successfully complete an Admissions Interview.
  • Demonstrate spoken and written proficiency in the English language consistent with the proficiency of a high school graduate, as evidenced by a written personal statement and the Admissions interview (see also the Language Proficiency Assessment Policy).
  • A minimum of 12 months prior sobriety is required to be verified during the Admissions interview. The College’s representative may require the applicant to provide a letter to the College confirming the applicant’s sobriety from a counselor.
  • Possess a valid study permit/student visa if not a resident or citizen of Canada, and if studying in a full-time program that is longer than six months and provided either exclusively in-person or in a Blended (in-person/synchronous online) format.

*If an applicant does not meet our minimum admission requirements, the requirements cannot be waived by either the College or the applicant.

Step 1 of 3 – Personal Information, Program of Interest and Application Fee

To study at Rhodes Wellness College, applying is the first step. Before you begin you will need the following:

  • Provide personal information.
  • Choose a diploma or certificate program that interests you.
  • Payment Planning.
  • Reviewing Program Outlines.
  • Upload your Government issued Photo ID (driver’s license, passport, resident card, or citizenship card).
  • Pay the application fee (non-refundable).

To begin step 1 of the application process, please click the link below:

Step 2 of 3 – Personal Statement, Resume and 3 Character Reference Letters

Once you have completed Step 1,  you can proceed onto Steps 2 and 3. For Step 2, you will need to submit the following documents:

  • Personal Statement
    • The personal statement should be approximately 400 words. In your Personal Statement, let us know why you would like to pursue an education with Rhodes Wellness College, what you hope you to achieve upon graduation, and tell us a little bit more about yourself.
  • Resume
    • A resume outlining your educational background, employment and/or volunteer experience.
  • 3 Character Reference Letters
    • Reference letters can be employment related or personal. Ask your reference to speak of your character, how they know you, and why your reference would recommend you to Rhodes Wellness College.
  • Payment Option Form
    • The Student Payment Option form simplifies tuition payment preferences for students. This form allows you to select your preferred payment method, including credit/debit card or, cheques. To download the form, please click here.
  • If Applicable: Language Proficiency Assessment
    • A student whose first language is not English must submit English proof that they will be able to sufficiently understand and communicate in English so that the student can fully participate in class and so that classmates can benefit from the student’s insight and participation.
      Please visit our Language Proficiency Assessment Policy page for acceptable Proof of English documents.

Important: please save all documents as a PDF before starting step 2. To begin step 2 of the application process, please click the link below:

Once you have completed Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3, our admissions team will reach out to you to schedule an admissions interview, if one is not already scheduled. The interview is for us to get to know you better, determine your eligibility for Rhodes Wellness College.

Upon successful completion of your interview and required application documents, your admissions representative will recommend you for acceptance.

Step 3 of 3 – Waivers and Policies

Once we receive your application in Step 2 and you have been successfully accepted to Rhodes Wellness College, the final step of the application process is to review the following waivers and policies:

  • Rhodes Wellness College Policies
  • Waiver and Release forms including criminal records check and mental health
  • Student Portal Policy
  • Attendance & Progress Report Acknowledgement
  • Technology Requirements for Students

To begin step 3 of the application process, please click the link below:

Current Students Only: Upgrade Your Rhodes Wellness College Credentials

Rhodes Wellness College encourages continuing education. Which of our programs will be best for you? Get in touch with our Admissions team today to learn more. To begin the application process, please click the link below:

Our Admissions Team is here to support you with every step of the process.
Email: admissions@rhodescollege.ca or call 604-708-4416 with your questions or to book an appointment.

  • EQA
  • Imagine
  • CPCA
  • ACCT

  • EQA
  • Imagine
  • CPCA
  • ACCT

Rhodes Wellness College is regulated by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training.

Designated B.C. Private Training Institutions Branch & Shield Design mark is a certification mark owned by the Government of British Columbia and used under licence. To view our college’s PTIB “Designation Certificate”, please click here