Sue Murthi

Wellness Counsellor Diploma Program

For years I was feeling somewhat inadequate and unfulfilled. These empty feelings became stronger each time I would embark on a new job, thinking that that would fill my void. I was constantly striving and never arriving. Then one day before the Christmas of 2005, I received a truly special gift in the form of awareness around my own purpose in life. There was such clarity that it no longer seemed like a fleeting thought, but a Divine instruction from beyond. I knew then that my life was going to change forever. One thing leading to another, I was introduced to Rhodes.

It felt like the Universe was opening up avenues for me that were not there before. I went onto the Internet, read about Rhodes, its philosophy, its mission and knew instantly that Rhodes was to be the conduit through which I will begin to align with my Purpose. The past year with Rhodes has been nothing but magical – a year of self-work, hard introspection, honest confrontation with my core and communion with my Being. Through the unique experiential model of learning at Rhodes, I was able to come to terms with my Self, understand the complexity of my Being, past and present, as well as have a deep understanding for the human psyche through observation of the self-work that my colleagues in the program underwent. The experience was nothing short of being in a human workshop where your “nuts & bolts” were moved around, oiled and fixed – truly transformational. Needless to say, Rhodes permitted me a chance to reunite with my Soul groups – a true home-coming!

Kira Lynne, BA, RHN, RPCc

Professional Counsellor Diploma

There is so much that I could say about Rhodes but ultimately the underlying fact is that it changed my life dramatically. It was both one of the best times in my life and one of the hardest. I learned how to communicate (finally!), how to be honest with myself and take responsibility for my words and actions. I learned how to be more open and how to love more deeply. I also learned basic, effective and applicable coaching and counselling skills that started paying off in my personal and professional lives almost immediately. I am leaving Rhodes as a competent coach and counsellor, and as a more authentic and confident person.

Lydia Fenelli

Wellness Counsellor Diploma

Rhodes College is more than just a school…It’s a place to grow, to bond, to learn, to trust, to experience and to develop ourselves into the complete human beings we are meant to be!!! The focus is on experiential learning. What this means is that while we learn we work on our own issues and those of our classmates; what better way to learn than hands on!!! I would recommend Rhodes College to anyone, any age, who wants to continue to grow and to develop their spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical selves. Congratulations Rhodes college for doing a great job with us all!! The instructors’ dedication and willingness to share their own experiences helps to complete this wonderful journey. Thank you for helping me find my true path!

Tracy Moulaison, RPC – Program Coordinator (Atira)

Wellness Counsellor Diploma

Rhodes was an amazing experience, not only the learning’s and education, but the experiential learning’s are one of a kind. I have left my ego at the door and have left with my true essence; me! I am the woman I have always dreamt I would be, and now I have the tools to guild others so they can live the lives they have always dreamt of living.

Jang Heon Park, RPC – Korea

Professional Counsellor Diploma

For people that are wandering form place to place Rhodes Wellness College looks like the light at the end of the tunnel. Through studying at Rhodes Wellness College I could find out the meaning of my life and set a goal for my future. All courses Rhodes Wellness College was providing to me, focused on the experiencing learning model. So, all programs could help me quickly acquire advanced skills of coaching and counseling. In addition, they were connected with holistic well-being. So, my emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental development could be accomplished through the courses. Namely, all courses and facilitators contributed much to improving the quality of my life and living an affluent life. They helped me recognize the significance of my being and importance of my existence. Through all programs I also recognized that the real meaning of my own being cannot exist without others; my existence is relying on others, and others are relying on me. Therefore, I want to exist for supporting others who are suffering from difficulties and my beautiful tomorrow is related to making relationships with others needing me; others are the reason for my being. I am appreciating Rhodes Wellness College and all facilitators leading me to understand not only my inner world but also others, and achieve coaching and counseling skills to help others.

Anne Hartnell

Life Coach Diploma

Attending Rhodes College I experienced learning at the intellectual, emotional and spiritual level. Rhodes has helped change how I interact with people as I have gained a new awareness of myself which will be of great benefit as I begin counseling and coaching people in life skills. During my six months at Rhodes taking life skills coaching and life skills counseling I was moved out of my comfort zone and encouraged to practice new skills and challenged to look at my fears, feelings and ways in which I looked at life. As the oldest student (62yrs) in each class I loved the interaction with people whom I would not normally encounter or get to know. I learned so much from each one of my classmates – A wonderful learning experience.

Celena McCarty – Nutritional Consultant

Wellness Counsellor Diploma

Before Rhodes I knew I had the skills and potential to succeed in life. There were just these missing pieces that I wasn’t able to tap into by myself. Rhodes taught me that life is not about being strong, self- sufficient, independent and fearful of the rest of the world. It’s about interdependency, and helping, witnessing and honoring each other in every moment of our existence- That’s living life!

Lyn Firth, RPC

Wellness Counsellor Diploma

Spending a year in the wellness program at Rhodes is the best thing I have ever done for myself to date. It has been life changing, mind altering and heart expanding. It has taught me to live with purpose and passion. It has shown me the path to self, how to stand solid in yourself and to love the world from love of self.it has turned me inside out and poured me forth into a brighter world to light the way for those who want to awaken from the darkness.

Robin Rushton

Wellness Counsellor Diploma

The remarkable year I spent at Rhodes was truly a life changing experience. For those willing to engage in self-exploration through a process of experiential learning and thoughtful feedback, it will be an extraordinary period of self-discovery and personal growth. The skills developed and the opportunity to build enriching relationships has a positive impact on students, facilitators, and staff alike. I was able to blend my varied life experience, enthusiasm for celebrating joy and love of humor, into an exciting and fulfilling career path. I heartily recommend taking this time to continue your journey of lifelong learning: it is a courageous choice that you will not regret.

Nat Perry

Professional Counsellor Diploma

I came to Rhodes Wellness College in search of coaching and counseling skills. I was not disappointed. I now have a concrete skill set, and am ready to start my career in inspiring others to access their highest potential beyond my expectations. Much to my surprise, however, the most valuable gains form my Rhodes experience were things I did not even know I was looking for. I found self-confidence, courage and friendship. I found Challenge. And funny enough, I found myself. Thanks for everything!

Sade Auger

Professional Counsellor Diploma

Rhodes was an amazing experiential journey for me, and I definitely enjoyed the program. I learned so much about myself and others. Having done the two year program at Rhodes I can honestly say it has propelled me forward on my path and purpose more rapidly than I could have ever imagined. I’m looking forward to my bright future in the helping field.

Tristan Stevens

Life Coach Diploma

My experience was great right from when I went to check out the college. The staff were definitely kind and very helpful to me. I came to an awareness that I can succeed in every area of my life with confidence while attending Rhodes. My expectations coming into Rhodes Wellness College was to learn how to help others have a better life. I got the learning experience I needed and some healing of my own life. I can definitely say that I am confident in pursing my career in life skills coaching and counseling. Thank you to the founder and the staff of Rhodes Wellness College for making my experience a pleasant one.

Jennifer Garcia

Professional Counsellor Diploma

Rhodes College has given me both personal and professional tools to be able to work with other people in the community. The teachers in the school have been instrumental in guiding me through my own healing journey and preparing me to help and guide others in their own healing. I am forever grateful to Rhodes College for bringing me closer to who I truly am.

Corey Keith

Professional Counsellor Diploma

I found that my time here has been one of the best experiences in my life. Although I have a bachelor of social work, the hands on skills that I have gotten here meshes very nicely with my degree, creating a very succinct package for employers. I have also learned so much about myself in the time here and grown not only for myself but for my clients. Creating the awareness I need to create the best healing environment for my practice.

Terrice Bradshaw, RPCc

Wellness Counsellor Diploma

Rhodes has set me on my path for success! The connections and confidence combined with the knowledge has brought me to a place of success. I have never felt so prepared and ready for a career as I do now!

Scott Emonds

Wellness Counsellor Diploma

Over my year at Rhodes I learned many things, but what stands out most in my mind is that in order to change you have to take a risk. Well I did; I took the time and effort to allow myself to feel all the hurt I had bottled up inside. I allowed myself the space to express it and had the support both at home and at school to heal. Because of this and the support and knowledge I obtained from Rhodes I can say I’m leaving here a healthier, stronger, person then when I enrolled. Take the risk, you’re worth it!

Vassilena Johns, RPCc – Style Forward

Wellness Counsellor Diploma

I am absolutely grateful for the exceptional nature of Rhodes Wellness College diploma program. My wellness counselor diploma has been the perfect source of knowledge and experience to help me connect authentically with my clients. I am grateful that through Rhodes I learned how to take my own struggles and turn them in to the unique qualities that make up the expertise I now draw upon in my life and career. Rhodes helped fuel my best life yet! I was able to integrate all my previous life experience and use it as a professional wellness counselor and life coach. I now have my own wellness business and am loving every minute!

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