Why Choose Us

Become a Life Coach or Counsellor with Rhodes Wellness College. Our graduates have the skills and experience employers seek. Employers frequently request our graduates because of the experiential nature of our training and the ability of our students to handle real life situations. You will be supported by our Student Services Manager, who will help you to secure a practicum and achieve your career goals. We are dedicated to the belief that our success is measured by your success!

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is “learning by doing”. Research indicates that adult students learn more effectively by practicing skills that are demonstrated. As a student at Rhodes Wellness College, you will be exposed to this kind of “hands on” learning.

Students integrate new behaviours in an ongoing process, alternating between the two processes of abstraction (how could I do that differently to achieve a more satisfying result?), and application (now that I know there is a more appropriate behaviour or skill, how do I put it into practice?).

In examining one’s own behaviours, as well as those of other group member’s, most students achieve a high degree of self-awareness. This awareness helps the student to effectively coach or counsel other individuals without inflicting damage or allowing bias, assumptions, or previous experiences to interfere with the helping process. This results in excellence in our profession.

What Makes Rhodes Unique?

At Rhodes, we use the experiential learning model. Experiential learning is the process of actively engaging students in an authentic experience that will have benefits and consequences. Students make discoveries and experiment with knowledge themselves instead of only hearing or reading about the experiences of others. Students also reflect on their experiences, thus developing new skills, attitudes, and new theories or ways of thinking.

Recognized and Established

Providing industry leading training since 1996, Rhodes Wellness College is recognized as a leader in Coaching, Counselling, Wellness and Life Coach training. Our Graduates are eligible for membership in both the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association (CPCA) and the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Our Faculty

A diverse faculty is the Rhodes Wellness College learning experience. We are proud of our incredible faculty who are dedicated to providing the support and training to set our students up for academic and career success. Our faculty are experts in their respective fields and mentors for our students. 

Did You Know…

Our admissions advisors are also trained in career coaching and counselling? This enables them to assist you to clarify your career path resulting in the confidence that you have chosen the right program succeed in your chosen career.

There is an experienced financial aid officer on site. They will quickly handle any questions or concerns about your student loan or funding so that you can focus on your learning.

All of our programs are taught experiential learning. This means you receive hands on training and practical experience. This will give you the confidence in your new skills so you can begin networking in the field to start your career.

We collect feedback from all practicum hosts and potential employers quarterly. A program advisory committee meets annually. The courses are then evaluated and modified as needed to meet changes in the industry, giving you the confidence that your skills are current and meet the demands of today’s job market.

We have a Student Services Manager on site who is in regular contact with potential employers. The coordinator monitors available positions and the profiles of students. This leads to quicker placement into your new career.

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