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Sue Murthi

railSuseela (Sue) Murthi, holistic Wellness Coach, Counsellor and Trainer, is a spiritualist, who empowers individuals to uncover hidden talents and realise their true potentials by connecting with their spiritual core. Sue’s professional background includes more than 15 years service as Senior Public Affairs Officer (Public and Media Relations), Head of Administration at the Senior Command and Staff College and several stints as Staff Officer in the Planning, Training and Personnel Directorates in a foreign Defence Ministry. Locally, prior to her work at Eton College, Sue served in regional marketing and training positions at major Canadian insurance and financial institutions.

At Eton College, Sue is the Student Services Coordinator, Corporate Liaison person and Wellness Counsellor/Coach. Her roles include counselling, coaching and preparing students for successful transition to the workforce, public relations and establishing industry relationships both locally and overseas to advance the College’s position as a provider of quality education. Sue also has extensive experience in regulatory matters pertaining to the BC Private Post-Secondary industry having served several terms as a Director on the Board of the BC Careers College Association and being part of the PCTIA By-Law Review Committee as well as the Education Quality Assurance Framework consultation group.

To commit to her personal vision of creating a healthy, safe and equitable global society, Sue served on the Board of Directors of Pratham BC Foundation – a non-profit charitable organisation that promotes literacy amongst children on the streets of India; is the current Regional President of the Sathya Sai International Organisation (SSIO) – a service oriented humanitarian organisation that focus on Human Values Education and Spiritual Development of its members. She is also a team lead on the Curriculum Design Committee of the Canadian Institute of Sathya Sai Education in Human Values.

Outside these positions, Sue is an active community advocate for social justice and equity, focusing on improving the lives of marginalised citizens and creating a healthy, safe and equitable global society.

“the past year with Rhodes has been nothing but magical – a year of self-work, hard introspection, honest confrontation with my core and communion with my Being. Through the unique experiential model of learning at Rhodes, I was able to come to terms with my Self, understand the complexity of my Being, past and present, as well as have a deep understanding for the human psyche through observation of the self-work that my colleagues in the program underwent. The experience was nothing short of being in a human workshop where your “nuts & bolts” were moved around, oiled and fixed – truly transformational. Needless to say, Rhodes permitted me a chance to reunite with my Soul groups – a true home-coming!”

Kira Lynne, BA, RHN, RPCc

KiraLynneBARHNRPCc_140723130503After starting my career in the restaurant industry, moving to health care administration, and then tackling the corporate world, I started to feel like something was missing. In my quest to find more purpose and meaning in my career, I realized that I wanted to shift my focus to helping people, something I have always been passionate about. It was at this point where I discovered Rhodes Wellness College.

Rhodes provided me with so much more than I can possibly fit into this write-up. I learned important foundational coaching and counselling skills, how to facilitate groups and how to create workshops and wellness programs. I also learned invaluable communication skills that have transformed my relationships and how I interact with people. In addition, while in the program, I embarked on quest of healing and self-discovery that continues today. Rhodes gave me a big boost in confidence, both in myself and in my abilities as a life coach and counsellor.

Along the way, things weren’t always easy. I have been living with a chronic pain condition for over 20 years and had doubts about my ability to actually work as a coach and counsellor after finishing the program. As it turns out, with the incredible support I received from the staff and students at Rhodes, along with continued personal growth work, I was able to overcome many health-related obstacles. Today I work as a life coach and counsellor as part of a great team at Root Wellness, a wellness clinic in Vancouver.

Along with my coaching and counselling practice, I have volunteered teaching Nutrition for Addictions Recovery workshops at a Vancouver recovery house. I contribute to the Conscious Divas Blog and have started writing my first self-help book. I also regularly volunteer with Craftworks Society, whose mission is “to promote adult health by providing a craft-therapy program which offers individuals working to overcome physical disability and/or mental illness the opportunity to increase self-esteem, personal growth and creative skills.”

The work I do in one day now is ten times as rewarding as a year in the corporate world. Thank you Rhodes!

Nat Perry

NatPerryRPCc_140429174142The training at Rhodes is transformative. I have attended universities and other colleges, and this is the most powerful form of secondary education I have ever known. The course content is not merely delivered; it’s experienced – each topic and skill is filled with life and deeply integrated as participants explore it.

I treasure my choice to study at Rhodes as one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. After graduation – not only did I leave feeling confident in my skills as a wellness professional – I felt confident in my ability to be a positive change-maker in my life and in my community. There my dreams of a career in counselling, coaching and workshop development became my reality.

I use the training I received at Rhodes every day, both with my clients and in my personal life. I currently provide personal development workshops and consultation to local community organizations and businesses here on the east coast. I happily can say I love what I do, and I love who I am.

Thank you, Rhodes!

Terrice Bradshaw, RPCc, CCPCPR

Terrice Bradshaw, RPCc, CCPCPR
Success Coach,

Holistic Counsellor and Persona Therapist

TerriceBradshawRPCcCCPCP_130708115050Terrice Bradshaw is a small town girl from Western Manitoba. She excelled in the arts making it natural to attend Brandon University as a Vocal Major. Moving to British Columbia, she attended Capilano University. She started up a company while working in several different avenues of the music industry. Feeling that there was something missing, Terrice read self-help books, attended support groups, and engaged in self-reflection. She realized that her true passion was helping people. With that, she began her search for a school that reflected her values. When she found Rhodes Wellness College, she knew she had found the perfect school.

Terrice found that Rhodes Wellness College provided an environment that encouraged learning while enabling the students to feel supported and valued. The facilitators were personable with realistic expectations of homework. At Rhodes, she felt there was an atmosphere of success. There was extra support from staff when needed and classes that covered many different learning styles. The classes were catered to educate and stretch the students’ natural skills to a professional level.

Terrice felt challenged by life prior to attending Rhodes Wellness College. Through experiencing the journey inward with herself, fellow students, and Rhodes facilitators, she gained permission and empathy to tap into her connection with her life’s purpose. Her feelings of motivation and community sparked an energy that radiated to anyone she encountered.

Eager and inspired, Terrice embraced a specialty technique, Persona Therapy. Prepared and ready, she moved back to Manitoba with intentions of using her skills to give back to the communities that raised her.

Terrice has facilitated Anger Management and Domestic Violence Programs with the John Howard Society of Brandon. At one point of her career, she was the Manitoba National Director of the Canadian Professional Counsellors. Terrice is running her own growing Private Practice – Surreal Living. She is actively involved with programs around her community that provide support and empowerment for women. Counselling, Coaching, Facilitating, and public speaking are all what Terrice has come to call “work”.

Manuel Ulliac

ManuelUlliac_130228133445I feel different, and people say I act different, ever since I went to Rhodes. It helped me to become the person I want to be. I often wish there were more places that operate similar to this school. It resurrects some lost ancient practices combined with bold new ideas.

After Rhodes, I will never look at my life, or people, or events, the same way again. The simple bottom line is that I am a more effective counsellor – and person – because I came here.

The idea behind it is quite simple, and yet the result is unique and rewarding. Part of it is theory around psychotherapy. But the other more unique part is the transformational change that tends to happen for all students. Altogether, it makes sense to me why Rhodes is experiential. A good therapist has undergone therapy themselves, along many different modalities. Or in other words, for me to be a healer – I need to be healed.

Manuel is currently completing his contract as a Life Skills Instructor at Belkin House – a facility dedicated to helping troubled adults learn the skills to become functioning members of the community

Jennifer Schramm

JenniferSchramm_120831082655Rhodes Wellness College changed my life forever. It gave me the foundation, education and tools to be a counsellor and coach in the world and more importantly it gave me the healing, self-awareness and confidence I needed to be me in the world. The beauty of Rhodes is it addresses what every “helper” needs to know – we can’t help others until we first help ourselves. Rhodes teaches us not only how to help facilitate the healing process of others but to first help ourselves.

In 2006 after leaving Rhodes College, I started my own one-on-one practice with a specialty in eating disorders and self-esteem. With sessions being held in person, over the phone and via Skype, my client base has since grown across North America and gone as far internationally as Afghanistan. I have developed several specialized workshops and programs, among them, The Life Skills Toolkit, The Healing Circle, an eight-week process called Getting To Know Yourself Inside and Out and most recently, a 6 week process called Healing Your Heart. .I have facilitated and created skill building and support programs at Sheena’s Place and Danielle’s Place (eating disorder support centres in the Greater Toronto Area). I was also honoured to lead and facilitate the Healing Journey program at many Wellspring locations, the support centres for people and families dealing with cancer. In addition to my personal and group work, I have been a keynote speaker at universities, colleges, high schools and women’s groups. I have been published in various magazines and had a regular Dear Jennifer column for the popular Toronto blogsite, “She Does The City”, cited as the #1 Blogsite by Now Magazine. Most recently, I have become certified as a FEEL facilitator (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning) where I partner with horses to help people on their journey of personal discovery. Without Rhodes, none of this would have been possible. Rhodes gave me back my life, it gave me my start, my foundation, my career. I think Rhodes should be mandatory for everyone.

Robert Kakakaway

RobertKakakaway_120710142006When I was six years old I was snatched from my home and sent to Residential School in Marieval, Saskatchewan. I went from a warm and loving environment to a lonely cold world where I was called a Pagan and a Heathen. The nuns slapped us and pulled our ears. No one treated us with kindness. When I left, I was sent to a series of foster homes. I was angry and I used alcohol to soothe my pain.

When I first came to Rhodes College in 1996, the facilitator told me about the notion of “accountability”, and I recognized that it was useless to blame other people for my situation. I returned here all these years later and took the Wellness Program. When I did the wellness assessment initially, my physical domain was very low. I worked hard over these last six months to improve and I lost twenty pounds. When I took the wellness assessment again at the end of the course, I was balanced in all four quadrants – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The spirituality component opened my mind to different forms of spirituality. All of the guest facilitators had something special to offer.

Today, as President of Kakakaway and Associates Consulting, I travel all over Turtle Island and facilitate circle of life teachings.

Robert can be reached at www.kakakaway.com

Tracy Moulaison, RPC

I took the Wellness Counselor Diploma. I work for Atira as the Children Who Witness Abuse Coordinator. I would never have qualified for the position if it wasn’t for Rhodes, I learned so much about myself, how I affect others around me and what my strengths and weakness are. The personal healing journey I experienced at Rhodes prepared me to be the best Counsellor and Support Worker I can be, I feel I am truly making a difference and have the skills to take care of myself in the process. Rhodes in my opinion needs to be mandatory in the health care/supporting field for all employees, there would be less burn out, better quality of support much less EGO’s.

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