Addiction Counselling Jobs

Acquire the certification needed from an accredited wellness college to obtain addiction counselling jobs anywhere in the world!

Addiction Counselling CoursesHelping people cope with and conquer addiction is a rewarding experience and one of the many reasons addiction counselling jobs are appealing to so many people. You will significantly improve your chances of getting hired for an addiction counselling job by having an accredited college diploma.

Rhodes Wellness College is an accredited college recognized for its Practical & Holistic approaches to healing from addictions

The Addictions Counselling diploma program at Rhodes Wellness College will give you the skills and experience needed to pursue addiction counselling jobs throughout the world.

You will learn:

  • Best practices to help those who are living with substance abuse issues
  • Tools to provide guidance to gambling addicts
  • Ways to improve the lives of those suffering from sex, internet and other forms of addiction

* As part of the diploma certification process, you will also gain the knowledge to assist the families and loved ones of addicts.

Addiction Counselling Diploma Program information

The addiction counselling diploma program is extensive, and takes place over the span of three semesters (44 weeks in total). This is an exceptional post-secondary choice if you’re searching for addiction counselling jobs. Graduates find the work extremely rewarding.

Upon completion of the program, you’ll be equipped with a wide variety of techniques to help your clients improve the quality of their lives. You’ll earn your addiction counselling diploma at an institution that is recognized by the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association, the International Coach Federation and the Private Career Training Institution Agency.

At Rhodes Wellness College we prepare you for the addiction counselling jobs that are in demand.

Contact Rhodes Wellness College today at (604) 708-4416 or CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for our Addiction Counselling Diploma Program!



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