Native Courtworker Posting | Position: Alcohol and Drug Counsellor
The Native Courtworker and Counselling Association of British Columbia (NCCABC) provides culturally appropriate services to Indigenous people and communities consistent with their needs. Our services are accomplished by assisting persons involved in the criminal justice system; providing access to counselling and
referral services for clients with substance abuse and detox support issues; providing advocate services for
Indigenous family and youth. Our dedicated employees are responsible to the needs of the community by
providing quality, innovative and educational options where people are treated with dignity and respect.

The Position
We are looking for an individual to be responsible for the alcohol and drug counselling activities in the Lower Mainland by doing outreach, developing, reviewing, and evaluating personalized treatment plans, providing information and referrals as well as efficiently managing the administrative duties pertinent to the 12 core functions of the position.
This position is based in NCCABC’s Vancouver Counselling Services Office, located at 520 Richards Street, Vancouver, BC, V6B 3A2. This position is subject to the policies and procedures of the Association and agreeing to join the British Columbia Government and Service Employees’ Union.

Duties and Responsibilities 

The Alcohol and Drug Counsellor will provide services to approximately one hundred clients per year with a treatment time ranging from three to six months and allocating 15-30 hours of individual treatment as well as group or family treatment when needed. The Incumbent might cover all or some of the areas below, depending on operational feasibility:

• Facilitate triage and screening of all individuals seeking help through the Counselling Services.
• Conduct a risk assessment to determine type of service needed and explain the services offered, providing relevant mental health education, recommending other forms of support, and discussing community service options.
• Assess regular services and special projects and given reports when requested.
• Implement, manage, and complete filing while cross-referencing such special documents as: intake forms, case histories, progress reports, referral forms. Complete monthly client service data forms as well as input of data into the database. Counselling
• Provide “out-patient” alcohol and drug counselling services to chemically dependent individuals, and their families.

• Assess individuals, families, and youth requesting alcohol and drug counselling services.
• Make referrals to other community health and service agencies when required.
• Provide a “follow up” service to referred clients through telephone calls, letters, or personal contact with other agencies.
• Intervene, upon request, in alcohol and/or drug related crisis situations.
• Act as referral agent for clients requiring services such as legal aid, income assistance, child protection services, alcohol and drug counselling, marriage, and family counselling, sexual abuse offender and victim counselling, physical abuse offender and victim counselling, suicide counseling.
• Maintain a manual and electronic client information system and record of group activities.

• Provide outreach by identifying alcohol and drug related issues in the Vancouver community and collaborating with other agencies in the development of chemical dependency awareness activities, programs, projects, and seminars.
• Assist in the planning and development of self-help development groups and informational programs.

For full details on the Native Courtworker job description, please visit here. For other career options with Native Courtworker and counselling Association of British Colombia, please visit their career services page here.

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