Employer: Safeteen | Position: Youth Facilitator (Open Until Filled)

We are a successful 44-year old, Vancouver-based company that provides violence prevention programs for youth
in BC, Canada, and internationally. In this position, you will facilitate school based, social-emotional learning
programs for youth that teach them how to prevent violence and make wise choices around their safety. You will be
expected to have the proficiency to deliver this content in a fun, thought provoking, and engaging manner. Safeteen
is holistic and non-denominational in its approach. Our staff should be able to relate to current youth and pop culture
issues, demonstrating an ability to openly and comfortably communicate on all issues of relevance and interest to
the generation. It is important that facilitators understand they will be engaging with diverse audiences along the
race, culture, religion, sex, gender and economic spectrums.

Program: Youth Facilitator
Position Start Date: Immediately
Position End Date: Ongoing
Full or Part Time: 3 – 18 houts per month
Pay rate: $15.20 – 27.78 per hour


Safeteen is currently recruiting for the position of Youth Facilitator. We have a number of part time flexible positions
available and are searching for applicants that are impassioned by the idea of empowering our children and youth
populations with the education and language to choose healthy, non-violent relationships, and stand up for what
they believe in. All facilitators will be offered training and mentorship, for which there is a requirement to complete
a training period of 15 hours paid at minimum wage ($15.20 per hour), on executing workshops using the Safeteen
community violence prevention model. In academic and education circles, it is increasingly understood that an
emphasis on social-emotional learning is the most effective way to address the roots of bullying behavior, to
encourage empathy, assertiveness and self-empowerment. The Safeteen violence prevention model is endorsed
by universities, school districts and educators internationally and is acknowledged in British Columbia as a leading
bullying prevention program and a critical part of social emotional learning for the school community. Our
organization`s unique identifiers include this model’s concepts and approach, as well as, the engaging and relatable
nature of our facilitators.

Particularly, we are looking to expand our team of Youth Facilitators for the Metro Vancouver area. Our part time
positions provide opportunities to work between 8:30 am – 3:00 pm, Monday through to Friday. Hours range each
month and may vary from 3 – 18 hours per month. We are looking for those who are able to take on workshops
during these hours and are experienced facilitators, comfortable delivering gender separate programs to youth from
grades 6 – 12. We require dynamic, confident public speakers who connect with youth very naturally and can engage
them at a very powerful level. If you feel the flexibility of this role in combination with your interest in impacting our
local community at this level is exciting, consider Safeteen a prime opportunity to act on that dream.

Duties and Responsibilities

• Successfully conduct elementary and/or secondary workshops accordingly to the Safeteen model
• Manage personal schedule to ensure reasonable availability to Safeteen
• Conduct workshops in a well-managed, time efficient manner including arrival at venues 20 minutes before
workshop start time for the purposes of set up
• Engage students in both the content and discussion of the content
• Diligently follow the “Safeteen Standards for Professionalism” relating to the facilitator agreement,
workshop scheduling and cancellation
• Efficiently complete reporting after each workshop – verbal reports are to be provided to team leads for the
purposes of follow up on the execution of the workshop, its strengths, weaknesses and opportunities
• Review, study and practice facilitation skeleton including review of the Safeteen book
• Observe some workshops of current facilitators and maintain an assigned mentoring relationship with a
senior facilitator for the purposes of continued development and growth
• Act as an Ambassador for Safeteen while on client site -this requires professional representation of our
services, as well as, customer service/account management capabilities
• Potential for additional facilitation opportunities within the adult and conference space or advancement
within the organization based on performance and development.


Essential Skills and Requirements:

• Awareness and sensitivity of social justice and cultural diversity issues is required;
• Post-secondary education in social justice, education or psychology is an asset;
• Successful previous experience with groups of youth in a facilitating or teaching capacity
• Previous experience classroom teaching or coaching youth is an asset;
• A proven ability to deal with challenges and demands of large groups of teens and pre-teens;
• Highly effective and engaging facilitation skills using role play as a method of training;
• Demonstrated sensitivity and knowledge in dealing with children and youth from various cultural and racial
backgrounds and of various sexual orientations;
• Ability to work with high degree of independence;
• Ability to handle emotional content and conversations comfortably and appropriately on a situational basis;
• Excellent communication skills, both oral and written. Fluency in English is required;
• Excellent sense and understanding of appropriate physical and mental boundaries;
• Ability to self-manage with strong time management skills;
• Strong awareness of and ability to act as a role model;
• Completion of a criminal record check.
• Access to cell phone and personal vehicle is an asset.

Compensation and Expectations:

This position pays competitively as outlined below. Please note: travel to workshops is covered as per company
policy based on travel reimbursement policies specific to each city. Policies are determined by the schools in each
region and discussed in more detail at the time of interview. Facilitators are paid for their time facilitating the
session but please keep in mind this requires your arrival at workshops a minimum of 20 minutes early for set up.
There is the potential that you may have to stay up to 10 – 20 minutes post workshop to address any questions or
concerns, on an “as required” basis. Our compensation model is competitive and increases based on a
predetermined graduated scale to a maximum of $27.78 per hour. Please note that compensation is actually paid
on a per workshop basis and the graduated scale is based on the assumption that total workshop delivery time
(inclusive of travel, early arrival, occasional late departures, and the workshop itself) is 4.5 hours.
Number of Workshops Hourly Wage Equivalent of Compensation per Workshop
Full Training (15 hours) $15.20/hour or $228.00 per Full Training

Full Training (15 hours) $15.20/hour or $228.00 per Full Training
First 8 Workshops $14.44/hour or $65.00 per workshop
Next 12 Workshops $20.00/hour or $90.00 per workshop
Next 16 Workshops $23.11/hour or $104.00 per workshop
Graduated Rate $27.78/hour or $125.00 per workshop

Thank you for your interest in Safeteen! Applications will only be considered for this position through the
submittal of your cover letter and resume to our email address: admin@Safeteen.ca

Let us know why you think you would be a good fit for our organization. Only shortlisted candidates will
be contacted directly.

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  • EQA
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