Emotional Wellness

This course is designed to teach participants aspects of emotional wellness including identifying, taking ownership and expressing feelings, articulating past issues including personal family dynamics, identifying needs, and understanding the origin and techniques of dealing with positive and negative emotions. Participants will learn techniques for clearing emotions and creating healthy relationships.

Course Objectives

The principle objective of the emotional wellness course is to provide individuals with information and skills to assess and improve their own and others’ emotional health and wellness.

Before the end of this course, students will demonstrate the following:

  1. Able to identify, label and take ownership of feelings
  2. Able to express feelings appropriately
  3. Able to articulate past issues
  4. Able to identify needs
  5. Using Psychodrama to facilitate clearing of past issues
  6. Can articulate effects of family dynamics on self and others
  7. Can completion of a clinical life assessment on a client and conduct a therapeutic release session
  8. Understands principles of grief and loss

Additional Information

Found in These Programs: Wellness Counsellor Diploma, Professional Counsellor Diploma

Course Type: Daytime (FT)

Course Length: 12 weeks

Course Hours: 180

Prerequisites: None

Other Requirements: Enrollment in the Wellness Counsellor Diploma or Professional Counsellor Diploma programs.

  • CPCA
  • Imagine
  • EQA