Ethics and Professional Practice

This course is designed to provide students with the fundamentals of a professional, ethical business practice. The course consists of basic ethical decision making principles, developing a code of ethics, cultivating good business planning principles, proposal writing and contract management. Ethical dilemma management, recognizing unethical behaviours, corporate social responsibilities, understanding consequences and barriers in business practices are crucial components. Students will develop skills and knowledge in preparing creative business plans and protocols to put into action. The course guides students to prepare for membership in the Canadian Professional Counselling Association.

Course Objectives

This course is designed to provide students in the helping professions with the knowledge of theory and experiential practice in the development of ethical business practices. Students will prepare to participate in the Canadian Professional Counselling Association.

Before the end of this course, students will demonstrate the following:

  1. Explore personal beliefs and values to elevate sincerity and authenticity of character
  2. Lay a strong foundation for an ethically sound business
  3. Cultivate trust, respect, fairness, and caring in business
  4. Knowledge of confidentiality and moral business values
  5. Recognize unethical behaviours
  6. Distinguish particular strengths or needs in business practices
  7. Amalgamate specific ethical target milestones for completion or development of business campaigns
  8. Prepare for professional membership
  9. Uphold a professional reputation for honesty, competence and confidentiality

Additional Information

Found in These Programs: Addiction Counsellor Diploma, Professional Counsellor Diploma

Course Type: Evening (PT)

Course Length: 12 weeks

Course Hours: 48

Prerequisites: COUN 100

Other Requirements: Requires enrollment in Addiction Counsellor Diploma, Professional Counsellor Diploma program or special permission from the Admissions Department.

  • EQA
  • Imagine
  • CPCA
  • ACCT

  • EQA
  • Imagine
  • CPCA
  • ACCT

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