Human Development - Theory and Practice

Using principles of lifespan development, this course addresses predictable developmental issues that individuals face on their life journey.  We examine the inter-connectedness of physical, emotional environmental, cognitive and social aspects of human development, and focus on applying understanding of the normative range of human development to counselling practice.

Course Objectives

This course provides students in the helping professions with knowledge of theory and experiential practice in developmental theory and practice with a focus on the addicted or troubled client. By the end of the program, students will be able to demonstrate the following knowledge and skills:

  1. Define life-span development
  2. Understand developmental theory
  3. Developmental understanding of the normative range of physical cognitive and socio-emotional developmental changes through the human life-span
  4. Apply human development theory effectively to counselling practice
  5. Understand developmental issues for professional counsellors

Additional Information

Course Type: Evening (PT)

Course Length: 12 weeks

Course Hours: 48

Prerequisites: COUN 100

Other Requirements: Enrollment in Addiction Counsellor Diploma, Professional Counsellor Diploma program or special permission from the admissions department.

  • CPCA
  • Imagine
  • EQA