Leadership Training

Become a Confident Leader with our Course in Group Leadership

Leadership is an essential skill for anyone planning a career in the helping professions. As a counsellor you will provide leadership in group counselling and related sessions. The effective use of language is a key skill when managing groups, as you will often mediate conflict and assist individuals to work through tense situations. Knowing how to effectively and confidently manage group dynamics is crucial to create a safe environment that encourages open communication.

We offer Group Leadership training as part of our Life Coaching and our Professional Counsellor Diploma programs. It is also a great opportunity for professional development. This course will give you the confidence you need to lead group discussion and manage conflict not only in a counselling setting but also in everyday situations.


Thrive Professionally and Personally

Through this course you will gain an understanding of the theory behind successful group management while learning through experiential practice in group facilitation.

The course focuses on all areas of group leadership including the theory of basic and developmental facilitation. This course also explores group management techniques including working through distractions, managing difficult group members and using effective language to manage conflict.

Effective communication is an essential skill in both your professional and personal life and allows you to confidently express yourself. This course will not only prepare you to lead in a professional setting, but will also help you improve your relationships through clear communication techniques.

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