Life Coaching Jobs

Open new employment opportunities for life coaching jobs by earning your certification at an accredited college.

Life Coaching CoursesIf being a force of motivation and inspiration is important to you, then you’ve come to the right place. Life coaching jobs are easier to find when you’ve equipped yourself with the right knowledge, formed a strong network of like-minded individuals and earned the certification that will get you noticed in the industry.

Rhodes Wellness College provides students with the education needed to start a rewarding career as a Life Coach

Rhodes Wellness College trains you in a variety of tools and techniques needed to make positive changes in the lives of your clients.

The Life Coach Courses are designed to encourage your own personal growth in addition to supporting the growth of clients you’ll be serving in the future. Graduates of the program are in a position to seek promising life coaching jobs all around the world.

Diploma in Life Coaching Program Breakdown

The life coaching diploma program is an elaborate 32-week program designed by the faculty at Rhodes Wellness College, and life coaching employers. The program focuses on establishing the fundamental knowledge and 11 core competencies required to successfully coach individuals and groups.

In addition to training for life coaching jobs, students who enroll in the Life Coach Diploma Program will also be trained in professional counselling. This will contribute directly to you becoming a more effective life coach and boost your qualifications when searching for life coaching jobs.

If opening up your own life coaching practice is your dream you’ll be pleased to know that education in business management is provided for all diploma students. Upon graduation you will have your life coaching diploma to start a successful business, or pursue life coaching jobs.

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