Personal Coaching

This Program is designed to provide students with coaching competencies, matching the current demands of the coaching industry. The course will focus on the direct application of coaching skills. Students will be able to identify individual coaching strengths and barriers. Students will understand the different types of clients and their needs and develop a niche in a competitive market. Students will review coaching ethics and demonstrate full competency in coaching skills in order to take these skills into the marketplace.

Course Objectives

  1. The ability to differentiate between coaching, counselling, consulting and mentoring
  2. Knowledge of Coaching Ethics
  3. Recognition of own individual coaching strengths
  4. An awareness of how to work with all clients
  5. Understanding the different kinds of listening
  6. Ability to ask clients powerful questions
  7. The ability to develop their niche in a competitive market
  8. Knowledge of how to challenge and empower clients
  9. Knowledge of a Welcome Package

Additional Information

Found in These Programs: Life Coach Diploma, Addiction Counsellor Diploma, Wellness Counsellor Diploma

Course Type: Daytime (FT)

Course Length: 1 Week

Course Hours: 30

Prerequisites: COAC 100

Other Requirements: Registration in a Rhodes Wellness College diploma program.

  • CPCA
  • Imagine
  • EQA