Physical Wellness

Physical Wellness provides students with basic knowledge of a balanced physical lifestyle for optimum health, longevity, and the prevention of disease. Specific areas of study include; body awareness, body image, nutrition, fitness, personal relationships, healing touch, posture, somatic therapy, and bioenergetics.

Course Objectives

Students will explore their own path to wellness by establishing where they would like to make changes in their own physical lives. They will coach each other through the process of change.

Students will also learn to identify and link physical pain, muscle tension, and postural misalignment with state of mind, demonstrating that suppressed emotions can block energy flow and cause physical distress.

Before the end of this course, students will demonstrate the following:

  1. An accurate and informed understanding of a healthy physical lifestyle
  2. An understanding of clients experiences in a wide range of wellness practices and the ability to support their client in meeting their goal
  3. The ability to “see outside the box” when confronting their own physical challenges
  4. Basic skills and understanding of somatic therapies, postural alignment and breathing techniques
  5. The use of Yoga, physical exercise principles, and other physical therapies for a balanced body and lifestyle.

Additional Information

Found in These Programs: Wellness Counsellor Diploma, Professional Counsellor Diploma

Course Type: Daytime (FT)

Course Length: 12 weeks

Course Hours: 180

Prerequisites: None

Other Requirements: Enrollment in the Wellness Counsellor Diploma or Professional Counsellor Diploma programs.

  • CPCA
  • Imagine
  • EQA