Life Skills Counsellor Training Courses
Total Program Length:12 Weeks
Number of Semesters:1 Semesters

The Life Skills Counsellor Certificate Program Provides you with Valuable Counselling Skills to Enhance your Human Services or Life Coaching Career

Rhodes Wellness College’s Life Skills Counsellor Certificate program expands your life coaching skill set to include professional counselling. Our Vancouver counsellor training courses prepare you to better help clients with a wide array of issues.


  • Youth Counselling / Family & Couples Counselling works with the family structure and systems to solve complex family and relationship issues.
  • Sexual Abuse Counselling / Trauma Counselling assists trauma survivors regain their confidence, strength and self-worth.
  • Addictions Counselling helps addicts overcome addictions and other problem behaviours including internet, gambling and sex addiction.
  • Many other forms of counselling.

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Improve Yourself & Help Others with our Life Skills Counsellor Training Courses

Total Program Length:12 Weeks
Number of Semesters:1 Semesters

The core of the Life Skills Counsellor Certificate course is Basic Counselling Skills. It is the perfect supplement for our Life Skills Coaching Certificate graduates wishing to further their education. It is also ideal for new students as well, as it provides an Introduction to Counselling in an applied setting.

The program’s structured professional curriculum is divided into academic and experiential components. You are exposed to a wide range of counselling theories and have immediate “hands on” opportunities for practice. We also stress the importance of each student’s personal development as a counsellor. This provides you an opportunity to assess your own interpersonal abilities to better counsel yourself and others.

Note that this counselling program is an Introduction to Counselling only. To further advance your life coaching training, we recommend the life coaching courses in our Diploma in Life Coaching program which includes a supervised work practicum. You may also sign up for the counselling training courses in our Professional Counsellors Diploma program so you can register for membership in the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association.

The Life Skills Counsellor Certificate provides you opportunities to deepen your life coaching practice, improve your own life and become an extremely skilled coach and counsellor.

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