Rhodes Alumni Counsellor & Life Coach Directory

We are honoured to bring you a list of our graduates who have chosen to list their services on our Alumni Directory. All of our graduates have received significant training to help them become professional coaches and counsellors. Directory listing does not guarantee their ability to help every individual and Rhodes Wellness College does not guarantee the work of every graduate. We always urge potential clients to find the best counsellors and coaches that work for their unique situations.

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Hannah Grossmith

Life Coaching Certificate Hannah Grossmith Coaching
Work Phone: (778) 895-1689 Website: Website


I work with people to raise their consciousness in relationships because I believe connection and self-awareness is a crucial part to leading a more fulfilled life. Challenging and re-defining the toxic, self-defeating messaging that we’ve been sold is part of my mission as a coach. I will encourage you to question what you’ve been taught and instead practice filtering out-dated notions through your own critical thinking and intuition.

Areas of Specialization: Self-image & Relationship Coach, Coaching services- couples coaching, individual coaching, group coaching, Located in Vancouver
Most sessions are done online but some workshops are hosted in person (Vancouver)

Modalities: Talk Therapy, Trance Meditation (similar to hypnotherapy), Gestalt Therapy, Shadow Work, Inner Child Healing, Non-Violent Communication.
Amount of sessions will vary depending on client goals. At-home exercises are assigned after each session including- journaling, reparenting, effective communication etc.

Rhodes Wellness College is an Associate School member of the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists (ACCT) and the Canadian Professional Counsellor Association. For more information about ACCT and it’s benefits, please visit acctcounsellor.com. For more information about CPCA, please visit please visit cpca-rpc.ca. To learn more about additional accrediting bodies, please visit our Accreditation & Recognition page.

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