Rhodes Alumni Counsellor & Life Coach Directory

We are honoured to bring you a list of our graduates who have chosen to list their services on our Alumni Directory. All of our graduates have received significant training to help them become professional coaches and counsellors. Directory listing does not guarantee their ability to help every individual and Rhodes Wellness College does not guarantee the work of every graduate. We always urge potential clients to find the best counsellors and coaches that work for their unique situations.

Photo of Tamar Chanté

Tamar Chanté

RPC-C Tamar Chanté Counselling, Mind-Body Healing
Work Vancouver, BC Work Phone: (778) 227-7042


I am deeply committed and passionate about healing, growing, and evolving. I graduated from Rhodes Wellness College with a Professional Counsellor Diploma. I am Registered Professional Counsellor – Candidate (RPC-C) with the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association. I have a private Counselling practice with amazing and diverse clients. It is truly an honour to guide and hold space for people as they process their issues and restore their well-being. I am currently seeing clients on Zoom. I’ve been an Instructor of Physical Wellness at Rhodes Wellness College, teaching students about Somatic Therapy theory and practices.    
Since 2017, I have been an active alumni of Irene Lyon’s ‘Smart Body Smart Mind’ Program. This is a master’s level study of somatic therapy, trauma education, and nervous system regulation. In 2022, I took Irene Lyon’s Scientuitive Educator Beta Program, delving deeper into the next level of ‘Smart Body Smart Mind’ training. I am currently doing the Somatic Experiencing™ Professional Training Program which specializes in trauma renegotiation and healing various forms of chronic stress. I engage in on-going research, reading, and educational development. I attend workshops on counselling and mind-body integration. I have created and led workshops in educational and public forums on: ‘The Vagus Nerve – The Polyvagal Theory’ and ‘Embodied Perception’.

Areas of Specialization: I offer my deep presence, empathy, and guidance to your therapeutic process. My approach uses a body-mind connection. All parts of you are welcomed and listened to. I help my clients attune to their bodies and clarify their thoughts. I help to educate the chaos inside and offer effective tools and practices for integrated wellness.

I focus on Somatic Therapy, trauma education, and nervous system regulation. I also blend a variety of other therapeutic models including elements of: self-expressive Talk Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Life Skills Coaching. My intention is to help create a very safe space for my clients to explore their authentic selves and allow for genuine discovery and growth. It is important to me to build trust and rapport with my clients, and connect with them using my intuition, skill, and wisdom.

Rhodes Wellness College is an Associate School member of the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists (ACCT) and the Canadian Professional Counsellor Association. For more information about ACCT and it’s benefits, please visit acctcounsellor.com. For more information about CPCA, please visit please visit cpca-rpc.ca. To learn more about additional accrediting bodies, please visit our Accreditation & Recognition page.

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