Spiritual Wellness

This course provides participants with the opportunity to study the cultivation of spiritual wellbeing by engaging with diverse spiritual perspectives and practices.  Students will examine and articulate their own beliefs and world views, while developing the ability to understand and honour the world views of others. This course is an experiential exploration of spiritual wellness that equips students with the essential knowledge and skills to support spiritual growth in others. 

This course serves as an introduction to the teachings of the Masters, providing many tools and techniques that up until a few short years ago were carefully guarded. The regular study of these teachings and practice of the techniques can radically transform any individual.

Course Objectives

The principal objective of the Spiritual Wellness course is to provide individuals with information and skills to assess and improve their own and others’ spiritual health and wellness. Specific competencies include:

  1. Understanding the importance and value of a life lived with purpose and deep meaning
  2. Introduction to non – violent communication
  3. Actively participate in the evolution of consciousness
  4. Experience meditation, relaxation, and the expansion of awareness
  5. Understand and respect differing views of the world
  6. Reach a deeper level of honesty and acceptance of reality
  7. Understand the stages on the path to mastery and be on that path in at least one area of their lives
  8. Cultivate love, peace, and gratitude
  9. Accept and transform the dark side/shadow into strengths and greater awareness
  10. Introduction to the use of Transpersonal Therapy for use with clients
  11. Develop a wellness plan based on each individual’s unique path
  12. Understanding the effects of “Being of Service”
  13. An understanding of clients experiences in a wide range of wellness practices and the ability to support their client in meeting their goals

Additional Information

Course Type: Daytime (FT)

Course Length: 6 weeks

Course Hours: 180

Prerequisites: None

Other Requirements: Enrollment in the Wellness Counsellor Diploma or Professional Counsellor Diploma programs.

  • EQA
  • Imagine
  • CPCA
  • ACCT

  • EQA
  • Imagine
  • CPCA
  • ACCT

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