Supervised Clinical Practice (Business)

This course is designed to provide students with the practical skills to design and run a Professional Counselling or Coaching Practice. The specific areas of studies include: time management, professionalism, report writing, and documentation, marketing, networking, ethics, success groups and practical training with clients while under supervision.

Course Objectives

This course provides students with practical hands on experience, working one on one with clients. Students will acquire knowledge on how to set up a successful practice and what it takes to maintain that success.

Before the end of this course, students will demonstrate the following:

  1. Practical knowledge of working with clients
  2. Knowledge of time management, report writing, and documentation
  3. Understanding of the Canadian Professional Counselling Association ethics and International Coach Federation ethics
  4. Understanding of the Coach/Counsellor-Client relationship
  5. Knowledge of how to start and end a session
  6. Knowledge of the 12 steps involved in setting up a business
  7. Practical and thorough understanding of mind mapping for success
  8. Knowledge of setting up a success group
  9. Demonstrating networking and marketing skills
  10. Case Management

Please Note WELL 210 – Supervised Clinical Practice and WELL 211 – Supervised Clinical Practice form a single course spanning two semesters.

Additional Information

Found in These Programs: Professional Counsellor Diploma

Course Type: Weekend (PT)

Course Length: 12 weeks

Course Hours: 48

Prerequisites: None

Other Requirements: Enrollment in Addiction Counsellor Diploma, Professional Counsellor Diploma program or special permission from the admissions department.

  • CPCA
  • Imagine
  • EQA