Wellness Coach

Study to become a Wellness Coach & begin an exciting career enriching the lives of others

Wellness CoachIf you find inspiration from motivating others to make better decisions, a career as a Wellness Coach will suit you perfectly. Similar to a fitness coach or a sports coach, wellness coaching motivates people to make healthier and more productive lifestyle choices. A wellness coach provides guidance about career choices, reducing stress or anxiety through natural practices, nutrition, and much more.

Professional Wellness Coaches inspire their clients to action, to improve the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of their life. When you study at Rhodes Wellness College, you will learn how to build a career inspiring others to make profound life changes.

Wellness and Lifestyle Coaches are increasingly in demand as more people become interested in preventative medicine

Upon graduation from our Wellness Counsellor Diploma Program, students will understand how to develop powerful relationships and discover creativity through diverse wellness coaching practices. Students learn important techniques such as cognitive behavioral and schema therapy, and the use of therapeutic re-enactments to improve both mental and emotional health. Students also learn the basics of various types of body work and engage in yoga and spiritual practices designed to create a healthy lifestyle.

One of the things that make our Wellness Coaching and Counselling programs unique is our adaptation of the experiential learning model. Less time is spent studying textbooks, listening to lectures, or learning obscure terms by rote. More emphasis is placed on actual learning, experimentation and discovery. Students also use their own personal experiences to develop new skills and a more powerful belief system.

Since 1996, we have provided industry leading training and have transformed our students’ passion for helping others into a professional career as a wellness coach. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about becoming a Wellness Coach or any of our other coaching or counselling programs.

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