Addiction Counsellor
Total Program Length:44 Weeks
Number of Semesters:3 Semesters
tuition:$4,400.00 per semester

The diploma in Addiction Counselling Program Provides You With the Skills to Help Addicts Break Free from Their Substance Abuse & Other Addictions.


As an addictions counsellor, you design and conduct counselling and coaching programs for addicted individuals and group clients. Your professional counselling skills help addicts end their problem behavior and addictions to substances, sex, internet, gambling and other related issues.

Our new, cutting edge Vancouver addiction counselling courses teach you how to help addicts conquer their addictions and regain their enthusiasm for a better life.

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A Comprehensive Diploma Program with Valuable Addiction Counselling Courses

Total Program Length:44 Weeks
Number of Semesters:3 Semesters
tuition:$4,400.00 per semester

The Addiction Counselling Diploma program is perfect for individuals who can defer judgement. It is also an ideal program for former addicts to share their life experience with those who can benefit from it. Our addiction counsellor training provides you with advanced coaching and counselling techniques and the most current information about addiction. You will fully understand issues facing addicted clients to successfully counsel them on their road to recovery.

With your guidance and help, addicted clients take responsibility for themselves and improve the quality of their lives. As an addictions counsellor, you provide client assessment and referral, case management, record keeping, treatment planning and a variety of other services to both the addicted client and their family.

Your training in Motivational Interviewing gives you the techniques to help your clients break the cycle of self-destructive addictive behaviour and avoid relapse. Our addictions counselling training includes detailed information on human development and working with specific client groups including youth, women, cross cultural clients and much more. Your addictions counselling training certifies you as a life skills coach to run groups and provide life coaching for your addicted clients, their friends and loved ones.

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This program has been approved by the Registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training.

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