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3 Benefits to Earning Your Life Coach Certificate Online

life coach certificate online

According to a recent survey, as much as “77 percent of adults are interested in attending college in some form.” (Fain, P., 2012) However, that same survey also noted that less than 5 percent ever enroll, concluding that “large numbers of interested adult students are dissuaded by tuition prices or time constraints” (Fain, P., 2012). For those who feel trapped by their current career, these obstacles can be difficult to overcome, exacerbating feelings of helplessness and dissatisfaction.

Fortunately, online courses could hold the answer. Students interested in completing an education to become a life coach can take advantage of special online programs offered by top counselling and life coaching schools. In fact, the benefits of online learning make it a compelling choice for many.

Good Online Life Coaching Classes Are Easier to Integrate Into a Busy Schedule

While online learning is open to all students, it’s often the option for choice for those looking to make a career change. According to a recent survey, as much as “38 percent of prospective adult students prefer to study fully or mostly online.” (Fain, P., 2012)

Part of what makes online options so appealing is that they offer a lot more flexibility. For those looking to make a career change, worries about leaving a well-paying job can be difficult to overcome (Archer, S., 2016). It might also be difficult to leave a position that took hard work, long hours, and several promotions to reach, even if that role ultimately feels unfulfilling. That’s why taking the time to process this transition can be helpful. Because online courses are easier to integrate into a schedule that includes a full-time or part-time job, they can allow those who want a career change to do so smoothly and without having to quit their current job immediately.

Completing Life Coach College Online Provides the Same Access to Quality Education

The best life coach schools base their in-class and online curriculums on established, respected coaching organizations that help guide and improve the industry. Simply put, choosing to complete part time life coaching training online through a respected college will come at no detriment to your academic and career prospects, as you can expect to cover the same material as anyone doing classroom studies.

To ensure you learn skills with proven, applicable value, it’s a good idea to choose a program based upon teaching the core competencies outlined by the International Coach Federation. These competencies cover matters pertaining to ethical conduct, establishing trust with clients, engaging in active listening, and many more skills that can help you better assist others (International Coach Federation., n.d.).

Some programs, like the life coach certificate online program at Rhodes Wellness College, also teach students through live virtual lessons. This means enjoying the same access to expert instructors as on-location students, ensuring excellent quality of education. Graduates who complete their studies in this kind of online environment can expect to enter their careers with a great foundation for future success, provided by leading minds in the field of life coaching.

Getting a Life Coach Certificate Online Can Be More Affordable

One advantage to completing your life coach studies online is that doing so can come with a number of financial benefits. If you would normally commute by car or public transit, for example, you can avoid needing to pay for gas or transit fares by choosing at-home studies. This can also provide added personal time that would normally be devoted to your commute.

In addition, parents of young children could also use the opportunity to save on childcare costs throughout their education. Given that access to affordable childcare has been identified as a key challenge to student parents, this cost-saving benefit can be one big advantage to completing your studies online (Kamenetz, A., 2015).

For more direct financial assistance, it’s also advisable to look into financial aid opportunities offered through your school. Bursaries acquired through these programs can help make paying for your education even more affordable, helping to ease the transition into a career you truly enjoy.

Do you want to study online at a top life coach college?

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