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Teaching Clients About Intrinsic Motivation After Certified Life Coach Training

In a 1975 experiment, psychologist Edward Deci found that university students who were paid to do an interesting puzzle devoted less free time and interest to the task than their unpaid peers did. The experiment, which has since been replicated and adapted to the workplace, was an early exploration...
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Closing the Confidence Gap: How You Can Help Women Feel More Self-Assured During Your Life Coach Career

Life coaches can help individuals take action to realize their goals, a process in which self-confidence plays an important role. Though many people may struggle with low self-confidence to varying degrees, research has shown that there exists a confidence gap between men and women, with the latter...
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Unlocking the Transformative Power of Goal Setting In Life Coach Training

When it comes to achieving your dreams, taking the time to set realistic goals has been proven to dramatically improve results. Simply having a goal written down somewhere with actionable steps on how to achieve it can produce remarkable results. However, many individuals are reluctant to set goals...
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Putting your Life Coach Training to Work: How to Make the Most of Your Practicum Placement

Experiential learning allows students to take theoretical concepts and apply them to challenging simulated or real-world situations. This process of ‘learning by doing’ allows students to develop work-ready skills so that they can make a seamless transition into their careers. It’s why top...
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Returning to Learning for Older Adults: 3 Empowering Strategies to Use in Your Certified Life Coach Training

Deciding to return to school after many years away can feel both nerve-racking and exciting. However, whether you’re yearning for a career change or want to enhance your current path by taking life coach training, learning as an adult can also be an empowering and glorifying experience. Lisa...
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Want to Become a Life Coach? Here’s 3 Tips for Helping Clients Open Up

As a professional life coach, you will have the opportunity to meet all kinds of people as you help them to lead more fulfilling lives. Most clients are eager to decipher their problems and will be generally forthcoming in their responses, but others may be less communicative. Resistance to therapy...
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Is Coaching Your Calling? Professionals Explain Why They Chose to Become a Life Coach

People from all walks of life become professional counsellors and life coaches. The right coaching programs are suitable for anyone with a genuine passion for self-reflection, self-exploration, and personal growth. At Rhodes Wellness College, most graduates are fueled by a passion that has been...
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