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Why Clients with Disabilities May Benefit from the Expertise of a Life Coach School Graduate

Career progress is a difficult endeavour. For example, less than half of new businesses in Canada will survive longer than 10 years (Government of Canada, 2018), and “Canadian employees report workplace stress as the primary cause of their mental health problems or illness” (Mental Health...
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Tools for Building Resilience in Life Skills Training

Resilience can take many forms, and can be found in people from all walks of life. Young children overcoming a difficult home life, adults navigating career setbacks, and seniors surviving personal tragedy may all seem very different at the outset, but they all exhibit one crucial quality:...
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Stress Management: Why It’s so Essential and What You Can Do once You Become a Life Skills Coach

Recent findings have determined that here in Canada, “23 per cent of people over the age of 15 report that most days are “quite a bit” or “extremely” stressful, and that number rises to 30 per cent among the 35 to 54 age group.” (Racco, M., 2018). Among working Canadians, stress is even...
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The Secrets to Building Effective Client Relationships During Your Life Coach Career

A successful life coach career is contingent on the establishment of a trusting and respectful relationship between the coach and their clients (Monroe, 2015). Without trust and rapport between client and life coach, it can be difficult—if not impossible—for coaches to help their clients create...
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Want to Study Life Coaching? Here’s What Relationship Coaches Do

The need for relationship coaching has never been more prevalent; 70,000 marriages end in divorce every year in Canada, which amounts to approximately 33 per cent of all first marriages (Feldstein Family Law Group, 2016). In addition, that number is growing year over year (Feldstein Family Law...
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How to Find Your Niche Market When You Become a Life Coach

Nurturing authentic connections with your clients is the foundation of being an effective life coach. The genuine understanding and empathy that arises in the trusted relationship between coach and client is transformative for both parties. Not only does the client feel refreshed with a clarified...
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Presence & Positivity: Rhodes College Instructor Chad Verigin on Helping Students Find Purpose in Life Coaching School

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) cites enhanced decision-making skills, fresh perspectives on personal challenges, and increased confidence as benefits of using a professional life coach. These benefits are enjoyed not only by clients, but also by coaches themselves. According to the ICF,...
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Youth and Substance Abuse: Breaking the Cycle with Addictions Counsellor Training

If you’re passionate about helping others improve their quality of life, addictions counselling is one of the most meaningful career paths you can take. The skilled support and compassion you’ll learn to provide can help members of your community turn their lives around. Among the most...
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