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Using Your Life Coach Certification to Help Clients Identify and Overcome Career Stagnation

In 2012, approximately 13% of overqualified university graduates were not satisfied with their job (Hango, D., & LaRochelle- Côté, S., 2016). Employment and career development are two areas which can greatly affect how a person sees themselves. Success in one’s career, for instance, can make...
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Teaching Clients to Overcome Fear of Failure Once You Become a Life Coach

Facing failure in life is inevitable, yet many people fear it and try to avoid it, ending up trapped in a worrisome cycle (Leahy, 2009). This fear of failure, also called atychiphobia, can end up having serious consequences. To some, the prospect of failing presents such a significant psychological...
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Solution-Focused Counselling Techniques Used in Life Coach Training

The field of life coaching has enjoyed consistent growth in recent years. It now accounts for billions of dollars in global revenue, and has grown at a rate of approximately 4.7% for the last five years (IBIS World., 2017, March). Life coaching’s popularity stems in part from its stellar...
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