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The Pressure to Succeed and Its Effects on Teen Mental Health: An Overview for Counselling Therapists

Adolescence has always been a challenging time. As teenagers make the rocky transition from childhood into adulthood, they face a range of physical, cognitive, and social changes, while seeking autonomy and struggling to establish their own identity (Villanueva, 2015). In addition to these timeless...
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The Secrets to Lasting Relationships: Advice You Can Give During Your Counsellor Therapist Career

It is untrue that half of all marriages end in divorce—in fact, the divorce rate is often closer to 35 or 40% overall (Heller, K., 2016). Despite this misconception, is it true that in order to avoid relationship complications, couples should apply healthy communication techniques and other...
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Helping Clients Address Perfectionism During Your Counsellor Therapist Career

Perfectionism is often seen as a compliment trying to masquerade as a fault. When someone claims to be a perfectionist, many might not realize just how profoundly this tendency can affect mental health and wellbeing. However, as professional counsellors know, the effects of perfectionism can be...
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Rhodes Wellness College Partner Spotlight: Coast Mental Health

On the first day of her practicum with Coast Mental Health, Rhodes graduate Jill Cherewyk was encouraged to build client connections right away. “The number one priority was for me to just move in and make a connection with the clients” Jill recalls, “that was a very good sign for me”...
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How Rhodes Wellness College Is Spreading Awareness Of Mental Health

A 2017 poll found that 41% of Canadians were at “high risk” for mental illness, up from 35% in 2016 (Ipsos, 2017). While a one-year increase of 6% might seem daunting, it may also be cause for optimism. As noted by Ipsos Public Affairs VP Jennifer Mcleod Macy, the updated figure could reflect a...
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Why a Sense of Purpose Leads to Happiness, and What it Means for Counsellor Training

While it might sound counterintuitive, it has been suggested that making happiness itself a goal could actually have a detrimental effect on individual wellbeing. This was the finding of a paper entitled Can Seeking Happiness Make People Happy? Paradoxical Effects of Valuing Happiness. Therein, a...
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