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[Infographic] Why Is Wellness So Important

Despite improvements in standard of living, people are sleeping less, exercising less, and feeling more anxious and depressed than they were decades ago. Fortunately, there’s much that can be done to help tackle these problems. A career in wellness counselling is an opportunity to have a positive...
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Why Professionals with Wellness Counselling Training Might Want to Encourage Laughter

In many ways, laughter is a phenomenon that we still know very little about. The question of why we laugh, for example, is still generally considered unsettled. There is no clear consensus, and researchers have yet to definitively answer the question of why we laugh (Louie, Brook, & Frates,...
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You Are What You Eat: Why Food Matters to a Career in Wellness Counselling

The link between nutrition and mental health has only recently begun to be addressed in an academic and scientific capacity. For years, the common phrase ‘you are what you eat’ has only served as a reminder to keep health in mind when choosing the next meal, but contemporary professionals are...
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What You Need to Know About the Global Wellness Institute When You Become a Wellness Counsellor

All the way back in 2013, the wellness sector was valued at $3.36 trillion (GWI, n.d.f). Then, just a couple of years later in 2015, that number had swelled to $3.72 trillion (GWI, n.d.f). Part of the reason for that stunning 10.6% growth was an increased understanding of the benefits that...
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How Becoming A Counsellor Changed My Life – An Interview with Wellness Counsellor Graduate Lindsay Lefebvre

“The person that I am now? I feel whole,” says Lindsay Lefebvre, graduate of the Wellness Counselling Diploma program. However, reaching that sense of wholeness and fulfillment took time, and the change wasn’t something she was expecting when she first enrolled. Before Rhodes...
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Battling the Holiday Blues: How to Help Wellness Counselling Clients Navigate the Holiday Season

While the holidays are known for being a time of great cheer, they can often evoke the opposite in clients. In fact, for many, the holidays can exacerbate feelings of loneliness, stress, and sadness. Research has found that there is indeed “an increase in certain types of psychopathology...
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Back to School: Tips for Students Changing Careers at Mid Life

Over the years, mature students have been returning to school in greater and greater numbers. In fact, according to the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, this demographic has tripled since the 1980s (The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, 2011). Today the exact...
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