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5 Tips to Improve Client Adherence During Your Wellness Counsellor Career

Students who choose Rhodes Wellness College to earn their Wellness Counselling Diploma benefit from receiving an education that allows them to take a holistic approach with their clients. Throughout your training, you will learn how to facilitate wellness in all areas of life, including physical,...
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The Benefits of Hobbies and Why They Matter to Your Wellness Counsellor Career

A hobby is characterized by any leisure activity a person may participate in simply for pleasure or relaxation, on occasions when they are free from the demands of work and other responsibilities (Pressman, Matthews, et al., 2009). A wide variety of activities can be hobbies, including such common...
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Why Laughter Is Excellent Medicine: A Look at Some of the Research for Students at Wellness College

Most people would agree that laughter makes us feel good, often serving to alleviate negative emotions in the moment, such as sadness or nervousness. In fact, that sensation of stress relief derives from internal chemical processes that occur during the body’s physiological response to humour...
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How to Help Clients with Self-Esteem After Wellness College

A person’s self-esteem is what guides their social and mental happiness. When one’s self-esteem is low, it can negatively influence both their quality of life and mental well-being (Venzin, 2018). More specifically, it has an impact on a person’s goals and social interactions. Furthermore, low...
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Why Professionals with Wellness Counselling Training Might Want to Encourage Laughter

In many ways, laughter is a phenomenon that we still know very little about. The question of why we laugh, for example, is still generally considered unsettled. There is no clear consensus, and researchers have yet to definitively answer the question of why we laugh (Louie, Brook, & Frates,...
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Wellness and the World Health Organization

Throughout much of the 20th century, the medical model was the paradigm used to understand health in the western world (uOttawa, n.d.). It is a model which has many merits. However, it is also one which “emphasizes treating specific physical diseases, does not accommodate mental or social problems...
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Why Professionals With a Wellness Counsellor Diploma Emphasize Sleep Hygiene

Sleep is as universal a need as breathing and eating, and yet it is one area of wellness that many people ignore in their daily lives. According to some estimates, “Two-thirds of adults in developed nations fail to obtain the nightly eight hours of sleep recommended by the World Health...
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Rhodes Wellness College Counselling Centre: Inexpensive Counselling and Coaching for Everyone

Counselling and coaching services can be expensive, and those costs can sometimes affect those who need it most. Clients might delay getting the care they need, or might forgo counselling or coaching altogether. Fortunately, for members of the local Vancouver community, affordable counselling and...
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