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A Brief Introduction to the Gottman Method for Relationship Counselling

As an aspiring counsellor, understanding the various therapeutic approaches to counselling can help you determine when to best take advantage of each technique’s benefits. For example, if you are looking to pursue a career in relationship counselling, then becoming familiar with the Gottman Method...
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How to Improve Communication in Couples During Relationship Counselling

Learning the skills to communicate effectively is essential, particularly within the context of a romantic relationship or marriage. In fact, a breakdown of communication is often the key reason for couples seeking the support of counsellors to repair their relationship (Dempsey, 2021). Over time, a...
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Helping Couples Break Unhealthy Relationship Patterns During Your Relationship Counselling Career

Developing healthy relationships is an essential part of a person’s social, emotional, and psychological well-being. These relationships can include romantic partners, friends, co-workers, and family members. People often find themselves in relationship patterns, when they are with different...
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What Relationship Counselling Professionals Should Know About Attachment Theory

If you’re seeking a career as a relationship counsellor, familiarizing yourself with attachment theory can enhance your understanding of the underlying dynamics at play within a couple’s relationship (Wei, 2008). Attachment theory can be applied to interpersonal relationships as a way of...
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How to Most Effectively Help Your Clients After Relationship Counselling Training

Many couples experience conflict at some point in their relationship. As a result, some turn to relationship counselling as a means to resolve their issues and come to a solution in a healthy and constructive manner. If you’re considering a career as a relationship counsellor, you’ll be helping...
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How Relationship Counselling Can Benefit Clients in the Short and Long Term

Relationships will always have their challenges, and sometimes those challenges are enough for counselling to be necessary. Relationship counselling can help couples, or even those in non-romantic relationships, better communicate with each other and heighten their emotional connection (“The...
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How to Help Clients Build Great Relationships Through Relationship Counselling

While very rewarding, relationships can also bring challenges and difficulties. Most couples will have disagreements with each other from time to time. In some cases, these disagreements may continue escalating, and relationship counselling could be beneficial for both parties. Working as a...
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Anxiety: Helpful tips from Professional Counsellors

A rapid heartbeat, sweaty forehead, shaking hands, and tense shoulders can all be part of a normal response to a stressful event (HealthLink BC, 2018). This might be a natural reaction to an important job interview, final exam, or move to a new city. However, for people living with anxiety, these...
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