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Using Your Life Coach Training to Help Recent Graduates and Young Professionals

As today’s recent graduates and young professionals set out to build their careers in today’s competitive job market, they face a number of challenges. Many suggest, for example, that universities aren’t doing enough to prepare graduates today with the skills they need to secure steady and...
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Why Are New Year’s Resolutions so Hard to Keep? What You Need to Know When You Become a Life Coach

No matter what the goal, making changes in life can be challenging, particularly when they relate to a career change or long-term habits. These aren’t choices that can simply be made once and forgotten, but commitments that need to be maintained over time. New Year’s resolutions are not always...
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Helping Clients Navigate a Mid-Life Career Change Once You Become a Life Coach

While it has been noted that young people often switch jobs and even careers (Alton, 2018), what isn’t often discussed is that a number of people also do so later in life. In fact, a recent survey revealed that 29% of pre-retirees aged 40-59 plan to change their careers (Hellmich, 2014). In...
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How to Become a Success Coach After Life Coaching School

Success coaching helps clients achieve things they may never have thought possible. Whether a client defines success as reaching new heights in their career, achieving a healthy work-life balance, or making the change to a line of work they find more fulfilling, the encouragement of a success coach...
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Considering Life Coaching School? 3 Qualities Exhibited by Great Life Coaches

According to a recent survey, there are approximately 64,100 professionals who performed life coaching worldwide (International Coach Federation, 2016). This includes both professionals who incorporate life coaching skills into their day-to-day work, and also individuals for whom life coaching is a...
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How to Find Your Niche Market When You Become a Life Coach

Nurturing authentic connections with your clients is the foundation of being an effective life coach. The genuine understanding and empathy that arises in the trusted relationship between coach and client is transformative for both parties. Not only does the client feel refreshed with a clarified...
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