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Theory of the Week: Gestalt Theory, Principles, and Therapy in Practice

Gestalt therapy can help clients better understand life events, which can in turn help them become more self-aware. Read on if you want to become a counsellor.
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Mental Health in Sports: What Students in Counsellor Training Need to Know

Competitive sports present unique mental health challenges, with greater risks of mental illness and a high-performance culture that often stigmatizes disclosure. In the past few years, athletes and coaches have drawn public attention to mental health risks in sports, a cause championed by figures...
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Infographic: The Value of Experiential Learning

Lectures and readings are often seen as the staples of any modern education, but are they necessarily the best approach for getting students to develop the hands-on skills necessary for a counselling career? While lectures do have their merit, many experts believe that experiential learning, also...
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The Importance of Your Professional Counselling Designation (FACT BC)

For many clients, a good counselling session can be tremendously powerful. Through sessions, they can heal from past trauma, gain a deeper understanding of themselves, and develop healthy coping mechanisms and habits to use in their daily lives. There is, however, an unfortunate wrinkle present in...
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4 Reasons Clients May Seek Out Your Services Once You Become a Counsellor

Using their expertise to help clients navigate emotions, past experiences, and attitudes, counsellors play an important role in helping clients reach overall wellness and happiness. Throughout your career as a counsellor, you’ll have the opportunity to meet and help many different clients. No two...
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Becoming Self-Responsible During Professional Counsellor Training: The Personal Journey Students Undertake

Many people exist in a state of perpetually searching for reasons why their lives are a particular way. They may wonder why their relationships are not as strong as they might like, or why their career isn’t fulfilling. It’s common for this to lead an individual to externalize perceived...
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Thinking of becoming a Counsellor? Spiritual Wellness Concepts for the Professional Counsellor in Training

Physical, mental, and emotional health are important elements of wellbeing, but they are not the only considerations. Spirituality, or “the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things,” (Oxford Living Dictionaries, n.d.) is an...
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