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3 Important Facts About Tobacco Addiction for Students in Addictions Counsellor Courses

In 1966 close to 50 percent of Canadians aged 15 and over were smokers (Tasker, 2018). Fortunately, this presented the peak of cigarette addiction (Tasker, 2018). By 2015 the number of addicted individuals had fallen to 15 percent of the population, an encouraging figure given the health...
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The Link Between Addiction and Loneliness: An Intro for Those in Addictions Counsellor Courses

The tactics imposed during the global ‘war on drugs’ divides public opinion. Many people believe that addiction and the factors that contribute to it are not well understood. Drug and alcohol misuse are often the result of loneliness or depression and those who have an addiction turn to...
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How Professionals With Addictions Counsellor Training Can Use the Power of Gratitude to Help Clients

For individuals living with or recovering from addiction, practicing gratitude may be highly effective. One study found that individuals who completed a daily exercise of writing down three things they were grateful for “experienced lower levels of negative mood and greater levels of feeling...
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Taking Addictions Counsellor Courses? 3 Unique Challenges Facing Women with Addictions

Across the country, over 6 million Canadians suffer from substance abuse (Statistics Canada, 2015). In addition to drug and alcohol dependency, many more Canadians struggle with other types of addictions including gambling, sex, and internet addiction. Until the 1990s, little was known about the...
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