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How Learning Counselling Can Help with Mental Health In Rural Communities

Individuals and families living in rural Canada face a set of challenges that are often different from those encountered by their urban and suburban counterparts. The volatility of commodity prices, unpredictable weather, and mine or mill closures can all have drastic effects on rural economies and...
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Borderline Personality Disorder: Helpful Tips from Professional Counsellors

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is one of the most common personality disorders associated with the use of mental health services (Cotet, C.D., et al., 2017). However, it is also one of the least understood (Cotet, C.D., et al., 2017). For a long time mental health professionals even debated...
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Mental Health in Sports: What Students in Counsellor Training Need to Know

Competitive sports present unique mental health challenges, with greater risks of mental illness and a high-performance culture that often stigmatizes disclosure. In the past few years, athletes and coaches have drawn public attention to mental health risks in sports, a cause championed by figures...
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[Infographic] The Value of Experiential Learning

Lectures and readings are often seen as the staples of any modern education, but are they necessarily the best approach for getting students to develop the hands-on skills necessary for a counselling career? While lectures do have their merit, many experts believe that experiential learning, also...
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Why Your Professional Counselling Designation is so Important (FACT BC)

For many clients, a good counselling session can be tremendously powerful. Through sessions, they can heal from past trauma, gain a deeper understanding of themselves, and develop healthy coping mechanisms and habits to use in their daily lives. There is, however, an unfortunate wrinkle present in...
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Transpersonal Approaches to Therapy For Professional Counsellors

Mental health has become a growing concern in Canada and around the world. According to recent figures, “In any given year, 1 in 5 Canadians experiences a mental health or addiction problem” and—even more worrying—half of all Canadians will have or have had a mental illness by the time they...
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Holistic Counselling: The Benefits of Using this Popular Model When You Become a Counsellor

Have you ever noticed that when you experience stress, it can take a physical toll on your body by giving you symptoms like a headache, achy muscles, or an upset stomach? This is a simple example of how the mind, emotions, body, and spirit are all interconnected. A holistic approach to counselling...
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Which Model is best for Counsellor Training? Experiential Learning vs. Traditional Academic Models

There are generally two learning models used in today’s educational system. They are “experiential” and “academic”. Experiential learning provides opportunities for immersive, hands-on learning through activities, work experience, projects, and problem solving. Traditional academic models...
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Financing Your Counselling Training Program in Vancouver

Your education is one of the biggest and most significant investments you can make. For students pursuing counsellor training, the benefits of such an investment are many. Not only does counselling training set you on a rewarding path of self-discovery and fulfillment, but it also opens the door to...
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