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The Science Behind the Holiday Feel Good Effect Explained for Students in Life Skills Training

The holiday season is known for being a time of joy, good cheer, and family bonding. These feelings can arise from many different factors that we typically associate with the holidays, such as beloved foods, scents, and gifts (Hougaard et al., 2015). How can we explain the psychology behind these...
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Tools for Building Resilience in Life Skills Training

Resilience can take many forms, and can be found in people from all walks of life. Young children overcoming a difficult home life, adults navigating career setbacks, and seniors surviving personal tragedy may all seem very different at the outset, but they all exhibit one crucial quality:...
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Talk Therapy vs. Somatic Approaches: Which Is More Effective for Professional Counsellors?

Demand for qualified counsellors has been growing across Canada. In fact, according to the Government of Canada, between “2015-2024, new job openings (arising from expansion demand and replacement demand) are expected to total 16,200, while 16,000 new job seekers (arising from school leavers,...
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What Students Completing Counsellor Training Need to Know About The Regulation of Counselling in Canada. – FACTBC

There are several organizations in British Columbia and across Canada that help to set standards of practice for Counsellors. Some of these associations provide their members with the benefit of a professional title like “Registered Professional Counsellor,” which helps demonstrate a...
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Clearing Your Internal Clutter: Why Personal Healing Is a Vital Part of Counsellor Training

Counsellors play a vital role in their clients’ lives by helping them gain perspective on and heal from past events. In order to help their future clients, though, student counsellors need to undergo their own personal healing before starting their career. If you’re considering becoming a...
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Wellness Counselling as a Career: A Look Into This Rewarding Career for Those Considering Counsellor Training Courses

The concept of wellness is becoming increasingly popular, and with good reason. Wellness of body, mind, emotions, and spirit is essential to leading a healthy, happy, and balanced life. In fact, from 2013 to 2015, the wellness industry grew by 10.6 per cent to a staggering $3.72 trillion, creating...
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Why is Emotional Maturity So Important? Rhodes College Instructor and Life Skills Coach Greg Gurel Explains

To become an effective life coach or counsellor, it’s important to value the power of each of our emotions. According to experts in the field, including Rhodes Wellness College instructor and professional counsellor Greg Gurel, an understanding of ‘emotional maturity’ is beneficial to client...
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Presence & Positivity: Rhodes College Instructor Chad Verigin on Helping Students Find Purpose in Life Coaching School

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) cites enhanced decision-making skills, fresh perspectives on personal challenges, and increased confidence as benefits of using a professional life coach. These benefits are enjoyed not only by clients, but also by coaches themselves. According to the ICF,...
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3 Tips for Working with Resistant Clients as a Counsellor

If you are considering a counselling career, the right training program can set you on-track to help clients overcome their personal obstacles to wellness. Sometimes, clients themselves can be resistant to making the changes necessary for achieving their goals. According to Dr. Clifton Mitchell,...
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