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How to become a life coach in Canada

If you are interested in coaching, then you are in the right place. We have helped thousands of people just like you to achieve their goals and dreams by becoming a Life Coach. We’ve made it easy for students to be able to study online or on campus. Life Coaching is a profession that requires...
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Does the Law of Attraction Really Work? A Look for Those Looking to Become a Life Coach

Understood as the concept of thoughts and feelings influencing reality, the Law of Attraction has been around for centuries—with some asserting that it goes as far back as Biblical Times (Scott, 2020). In order to better understand what the concept entails, a deeper look into its origins and...
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“Is it Okay Not to Have a Life Passion?” How to Navigate this Question Once You Become a Life Coach

“Find your passion” is a common piece of advice given to graduating students, job-seekers, and others who are dissatisfied with their current position but unsure of how to move forward. It’s meant to be encouraging, suggesting that anyone who feels lost simply needs to discover the one thing...
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Why Are New Year’s Resolutions so Hard to Keep? What You Need to Know When You Become a Life Coach

No matter what the goal, making changes in life can be challenging, particularly when they relate to a career change or long-term habits. These aren’t choices that can simply be made once and forgotten, but commitments that need to be maintained over time. New Year’s resolutions are not always...
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Devoting Your Life Coach Career to Helping Clients With Mental Illness Reach Their Potential

Mental illness can pose unique challenges to personal and professional development. According to the mental health commission of Canada, psychological health issues are behind the weekly absences of an estimated 500,000 working Canadians (Government of Canada, 2016). Moreover, findings from the...
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How to Help Clients Navigate a Mid-Life Career Changes as a Life Coach

While it has been noted that young people often switch jobs and even careers (Alton, 2018), what isn’t often discussed is that a number of people also do so later in life. In fact, a recent survey revealed that 29% of pre-retirees aged 40-59 plan to change their careers (Hellmich, 2014). In...
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Teaching Clients to Overcome Fear of Failure Once You Become a Life Coach

Facing failure in life is inevitable, yet many people fear it and try to avoid it, ending up trapped in a worrisome cycle (Leahy, 2009). This fear of failure, also called atychiphobia, can end up having serious consequences. To some, the prospect of failing presents such a significant psychological...
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Closing the Confidence Gap: How You Can Help Women Feel More Self-Assured as a Life Coach

Life coaches can help individuals take action to realize their goals, a process in which self-confidence plays an important role. Though many people may struggle with low self-confidence to varying degrees, research has shown that there exists a confidence gap between men and women, with the latter...
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Solution-Focused Counselling Techniques Used in Life Coach Training

The field of life coaching has enjoyed consistent growth in recent years. It now accounts for billions of dollars in global revenue, and has grown at a rate of approximately 4.7% for the last five years (IBIS World., 2017, March). Life coaching’s popularity stems in part from its stellar...
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Unlocking the Transformative Power of Goal Setting In Life Coach Training

When it comes to achieving your dreams, taking the time to set realistic goals has been proven to dramatically improve results. Simply having a goal written down somewhere with actionable steps on how to achieve it can produce remarkable results. However, many individuals are reluctant to set goals...
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