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3 Reasons a Life Coach Diploma Could Become More Important Than Ever Following the Pandemic

The coronavirus has changed the world in many ways, both explicit and implicit. Many industries have shifted in radical ways, with businesses changing to e-commerce, restaurants shifting to delivery systems, and cleaning companies being inundated with requests. One of the industries that’s been affected in more subtle ways is the life coaching industry. 

Life coaches are hired by a variety of people for different reasons, ranging from career advising to relationship maintenance to help with goal-setting. These professionals are skilled at personal coaching, group coaching, and life skills training, and help clients work through their issues in a productive, goal-oriented way. After the pandemic, these professionals may be more important than ever, due to the way the coronavirus is impacting people’s personal lives. Read on for more information. 

People May Seek a Professional with a Life Coach Diploma During a Change of Career 

One of the central reasons why people seek out a life coach is to assist with career-related difficulties. The coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated career issues for many people. More than 3 million Canadians lost their jobs or had their hours severely reduced when the pandemic hit (Saba, 2020). Ryerson’s School of Continuing Education noted a 15% jump in spring enrollment, with many seeking to learn new job skills and change careers (Saba, 2020). 

Life coaches may be sought out during a career change

Career changes may be necessary especially if these individuals work in industries that have been particularly hard-hit by the coronavirus pandemic (Esparza, 2020). To successfully change their careers, individuals need to assess what skills they have, what jobs might be right for them, and what their goals are (Esparza, 2020). This is where a professional with certified life coach training can be useful, and why life coaches may be especially valuable as the world transitions into a new normal.

More Experiences of Loss of Direction in Life 

The coronavirus pandemic has also increased negative feelings such as stagnation, feelings of being overwhelmed, and feelings of being challenged (Wier, 2020). Psychologists have noted that this is a form of collective grief arising from our loss of sense of safety, social connections, and in some cases financial security. Even if individuals haven’t experienced losses in their own lives, they may still be feeling the collective sorrow (Wier, 2020). 

Most people are resilient, but some will need help to recalibrate after these feelings of grief. This is where a person with a life coach diploma can be helpful. Life coaching is a solution-oriented process, where clients are assisted in locating their internal resources that they can use to create the lives they want (Mackay, 2018). With a life coach, clients can be guided through their life’s transitions and grieving periods, and help them determine what they want (Mackay, 2018). 

People Might Be Reflecting More on Their Life Goals 

There are positives and negatives that arise from the increase of solitude resulting from social distancing measures. People might be lonelier, less sure of themselves, and sad to not spend more time with their loved ones. However, there are also benefits to this isolation. It’s difficult to normally spend time alone, and humans are inherently averse to it in generally (Higgs, 2019). Alone time can be necessary, though, to improve creativity and confidence, identify and maintain boundaries, and help us charge and reflect (Higgs, 2019). 

People may seek out life coaches to help them build their new lives

Being forced to spend more time alone, individuals can get a better chance to know their authentic self and reflect on their goals, dreams, and aspirations (Morin, 2019). This opportunity can be capitalized on by seeking the guidance of a life coach. Life coaches may be sought out to assist individuals in building their new lives around their newly-discovered authentic self. 

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