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3 Sample Life Skills Workshops to Use After Earning Your Integrative Nutrition Diploma

No matter where you see yourself working in the future after nutritionist school, you can use workshops to connect with clients on a deeper level. In a private or group setting, you can cater each workshop toward specific goals, allowing participants to hone in on actionable tasks they can master to help lead them toward better nutritional habits. 

The Professional Integrative Nutrition Diploma Program at Rhodes Wellness College will prepare you with the practical experience and skills needed for a rewarding career as a Nutrition Professional with added coaching and counselling skills. This multilevel approach will enable you to best assist your clients across various industries. Whether you choose to work in a private practice, at a nutrition store, in outreach and recovery centres, or elsewhere, workshops will be a great tool to use to engage your clients while meeting their needs. Continue reading for four great sample life skills workshops to implement into your practice once you graduate.

1. Multi-Level Meal Planning Workshops

Meal planning is a great life skill that can help individuals and families cut down on costs, save time throughout the week, and replace unhealthy quick alternatives. Meal planning can help attain a more nutritionally balanced diet, even for those with basic cooking skills (Harvard School of Public Health, n.d.). Options for meal planning workshops can range from the beginner level to more advanced levels, depending on the skills of the participants. 

It’s important to think about venues when planning your workshops. If the content of your workshop is about how to start meal planning and only requires the sharing of information and tips on how to implement the process, then a meeting room or wellness clinic may suffice as a location. However, if you plan on hosting a meal planning workshop that gives participants an idea of what kinds of meals they can make, then considering a healthy restaurant or commercial kitchen for your workshop may be an option to incorporate the food as well (Sauvé, 2018).

Meal planning workshops help participants better conceptualize what an organized diet looks like.

2. Nutrition and Wellbeing in the Workplace Workshops

Workshops around nutrition and well-being in the workplace are becoming increasingly more common as the need for work-life balance is pushed across industries. Prospective employees across the country are looking for employers that respect the health and wellness of their team members and want to see initiative from employers to facilitate these markers (Talent Canada, 2022). 

When you complete nutritionist college, one career option is to focus your efforts on workshops that help corporate businesses implement better nutrition standards within their companies. Companies are taking the lead to continue to attract and retain happy, healthy, and productive employers by organizing nutrition professionals to come in and provide accurate and effective ways to implement better nutrition in the workplace. In addition, employees often find important take-home messages that they can implement in their own personal lives with the support of their employers (Talent Canada, 2022).

Corporate workshops are one option to pursue after nutritionist school.

3. Lead a Budgeting Workshop After Nutritionist School

Budgeting workshops are a great way to kick off your career after nutritionist school. No matter an individual’s or family’s income, the idea of budgeting to live more frugally is enticing to many. Budgeting workshops can help participants discover what they are overspending on, how to find the best deals, and what they should be prioritizing their budget on. 

Topics in a budgeting workshop can include having a plan and how to stick to only buying what’s on the list when grocery shopping, searching store ads for sale items and waiting to purchase until the sale begins, buying in bulk, weeding out what food labels are important such as organic vs. non-organic, and more (LC Nutrition, 2018). A great way to attract repeat customers is to have your workshops build off of one another. For example, you could use a budgeting workshop as a preface to a meal planning workshop and encourage participants to return for more information on translating a grocery budget into a week’s worth of planned meals. This way, you’re providing value to your participants while building a reputation in your nutritionist career.

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