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Most people agree that post-secondary education has become necessary to build a rewarding career and lifestyle. Many do not have the time, resources and mind-set to attend a traditional University.  According to Psychologist  Howard Gardner, there are approximately 8 or more types of intelligences. A traditional education supports as little as two of these types of intelligences – mathematical and linguistic. 
If you have musical, naturalistic, intrapersonal, interpersonal, bodily – kinesthetic, spatial or cosmic, or it would make sense to choose a College that specializes in careers that support these special abilities. There are many smaller, private Colleges that have programs designed specifically for those with these special gifts.
Rhodes Wellness College is one of these. It offers programs for individuals who possess the interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligences. These are the “people skills”. , Rhodes College offers programs ranging from Life Skills Coach Training , Wellness Counselling, to a Professional Counsellor Diploma. Many people enter College to pursue a career dream that may not be their own. This results in frustration later on in life, when the chosen career does not fulfill their intrinsic intelligence. To find out more or to take a career test contact denise@rhodescollege.ca
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