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How to Identify “Energy” Vampires: Symptoms and Solutions

One exercise we have students in our college do is make a list of what is called their “energy drainers”.  Energy drainers are the people, events, obligations, and clutter that makes one feel heavy and tired.  They rob us of our life energy and potential for joy.

Energy vampires are the people in your life who seem to always leave you feeling upset, tired, drained or less secure. These individuals do not purposely set out to take your good and vital energy, but unless they are contained, they can.  
Make a list of your significant relationships – friends and family, workmates.  Notice if you feel better or worse after spending time with them.  If you feel worse, you may just have an energy vampire on your hands.  These individuals “suck “ away your vitality and rob you of your self esteem.  They don’t do it on purpose, but they have found they can get energy by taking it from others and it works for them.

Here are some symptoms that you may have an energy vampire on your hands:

  1. They have a lot of problems and drama in their lives
  2. They somehow make you feel responsible for helping them (usually by using guilt)
  3. They are always the victim in their life circumstances, but are not usually willing to do anything about it
  4. They are very opinionated about you and have a list of your faults they can pull out at strategic times

If you think you have an energy vampire on your hands, it usually takes some time to either extricate yourself form the relationship or set up some boundaries.  Changing relationship dynamics can be very challenging.

If you want to explore some options, our 2nd year students have a very low cost confidential student counseling and coaching clinic available now to the general public.  Your initial session and assessment is free.  If you want some assistance with a particular problem, the fee is only $25.00 per hour.  Drop in is Friday afternoons from 12:30 to 2:00.

For more information or to book a confidential  free assessment, call us at 604-708-4416.

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