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Happy 18th Anniversary – Rhodes College!

February 12th marks the 18th Anniversary of Rhodes College. Rhodes College was created to provide a learning environment for those who wanted more than a traditional post-secondary education. It was created for individuals who believe in a holistic approach to their counselling or coaching practice. It has both a humanistic and transpersonal focus. Rhodes College is a place you can train for a career and get healthy – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, in the process. Rhodes College is unique in Canada and in the world.

One of our graduates said it the best:
The experiential nature of this program is ideal for ensuring that information is fully absorbed and applied rather than simply being ‘book learning”. The College’s philosophy is for students to first heal themselves in order that they may facilitate the healing of others. Other organizations also say this, yet Rhodes lives and breathes this philosophy. As a result, most students undergo remarkable personal transformations during the program.
To celebrate 18 years of helping to transform the lives of other, we invite you to attend our Open House on Friday March 7th from 3:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. Come and meet our staff, students and instructors, have a tour of the College, enjoy some snacks in this informal drop in session.

If you have always thought you might have the skills and aptitudes to work with people you can talk with our career counsellors to find out if you may be suitable.
For more information or to schedule a personal information session, contact Marcus at 604-708-4416 or marcus@rhodescollege.ca

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