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Hated School? Read On

Many adults had difficult and even painful school experiences and the idea of post-secondary education for them brings up a great deal of anxiety. Competency based education is a popular model of education and training used a great deal in adult education professional career training programs.
In this type of education, you learn concrete skills as opposed to abstract or theoretical concepts. In other words if you can demonstrate the skill – you can pass! This highly practical type of training can apply to many, if not most careers. A popular learning method is “learning by doing”. If you learn more effectively with a “hands on” approach, then this type of education is for you. 
Situated in downtown Vancouver, Rhodes Wellness College is one of the leading post-secondary education institutions promoting this kind of teaching and learning. According to President Bea Rhodes, most students are surprised to find out there are no desks or even tables set up in the counselling and life coach training classrooms. “We often have to convince students that they are smart and capable, because some have not had successful experiences in traditional learning environments”. Once students understand this wonderful kinesthetic experiential style of learning, they love it. According to Rhodes, “we graduate people who can really “do the work”. Employers love our graduates because they already know what to do”. More information can be found by contacting www.rhodescollege.ca or calling 604-708-4416
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