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How To Heal

Rhodes College is known for providing Educational Programs that include healing for the student. Why is this important? Why should a student or practitioner of life coaching or counseling do their own healing work? The answer seems obvious. In this industry, you are not learning to operate a machine or provide a simple service. Your job is to rely on your own machine – your intuition, instincts, deeply developed listening and questioning, and other skills to help others find their voice, truth and purpose. Your machine, therefore must be operating at top performance – and regularly tuned up!
Although it would be great if we could think our way to wellness or have a spiritual experience and suddenly be well, but for most of us, it does not happen this way. Study after study has demonstrated that short workshops can provide some momentum, but for most of us, we need the time, focus and a healing environment to free ourselves from the effects of our past. Healing work is beautiful to experience and witness. Imagine your deepest pain or insecurities dissolving and you being free to move on to a happier, healthier life without being dragged down by these dark feelings, habits of thought and behaviours. Imagine relationships that are supportive, loving and conflict free. We are the only College of its type that focuses so completely on helping the professional counselor or coach become a better and more whole person. 
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